What’s The Easiest Car To Steal In The US?

Over the past few years, the number of vehicle theft cases has increased by more than 50%. Today, car thieves are smarter and intelligent, all thanks to the ever-increasing technology.

Subsequently, stealing cars is much easier nowadays. Even so, some car models are very hard to steal. And surprisingly, these are often high-end cars.

Under normal circumstances, you would think that luxury cars are the main target for thieves. But this is not always the case.

The majority of premium cars come with strong anti-theft device systems. Besides, luxury cars are quite rare.

So, thieves won’t manage to go very far with them. On the flip side, there are certain car models which are simpler to steal. So, what is the easiest car to steal?

List of the easiest cars to steal

Honda Civic

Based on a previous survey conducted by the National Insurance Crime Bureau in 2018, the most stolen car was the Honda Civic.

Honda car models are a major target for most thieves. In fact, the number of thefts reported was almost 39000.

The Honda civic is relatively simple to steal since it is not as advanced as other car models. While other cars contain inbuilt GPS trackers, the Honda civic often uses an old car system.

If you have such a car model, don’t get discouraged. There are many vehicle anti-theft devices and practices you can use to safeguard your car.

Honda Accord

As mentioned earlier, Honda car models tend to attract thieves more often than not. The Honda Accord is the second easiest car to steal in the United States.

The National insurance Crime Bureau reports that the number of Honda Accord thefts was 36,815. And of course, this number has continually increased over the past two years due to the rising car theft cases.

In particular, the 1997 Honda accord model is quite outdated. And you can open the car even with a spoon or any sharp object.

Ultimately, the Honda accord does not come with an advanced anti-theft system. In turn, they allow thieves to steal them easily.

Full-size Ford Pickup

The third easiest car to steal is the Ford Pickup. The number of theft cases is almost similar to that of the Honda accord.

So, what makes the Ford Pickup easy to steal? This car model is relatively simple to break into. Thieves can have access to your Ford Pickup within seconds.

Also, note that the spare parts of a Ford Pickup are usually in high demand. As a result, thieves are always looking for any Ford Pickup car parts so that they can generate income.

Even so, you need not worry if you have a Ford Pickup. You can always install strong anti-theft device systems to keep thieves away.

Full-size Chevrolet Pickup

The next car that is easy to steal is the Chevrolet Pickup. Chevrolet manufactures quality and durable cars.

And this serves as an attraction point for both aspiring car owners and thieves. Thieves love Chevrolet pickups because they are easy to sell, especially if they sell them at a much lower price.

The number of Chevrolet pickup theft cases continues to rise even with the global pandemic. In particular, the 2006 Chevrolet pickup is a popular option among thieves.

Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is also one of the easiest cars to steal. Manufacturers say that the Toyota Camry now comes with a modern anti-theft device.

But this leaves us with many questions because the thieves can easily break into a Toyota Camry. If you have this car, it would be best not to depend on its anti-theft system.

You would rather install your own anti-theft systems to protect the car. On average, the number of Toyota Camry thefts amounts to almost 17000.

Nissan Altima

Another car that is easy to steal is the Nissan Altima. The Nissan Altima offers excellent aesthetics and is a budget-friendly car.

Thus, its demand is relatively high. In turn, this attracts thieves since they will sell it quickly. Remember, most car thieves don’t like staying with stolen cars.

They often sell them before they get caught. So, the Nissan Altima is a popular option for them since they’ll find a buyer quickly, especially when they significantly lower the price.

Despite its aesthetics, it seems that the Nissan Altima does not have a strong anti-theft system. If you are not careful, you can lose your Nissan Altima within the blink of an eye.

Toyota Corolla

Moreover, the Toyota Corolla is one of the easiest cars to steal. Today, there are many Toyota corollas on roads.

Thus, it is effortless for a thief to run away with your car. Spotting the car can be challenging. Besides, the Toyota corolla is always in high demand in the market.

Thus, thieves love these cars. The Toyota Corolla does not come with a strong anti-theft system. So, if you have one, consider installing a reliable anti-theft device and a GPS tracker in the car.

This way, you’ll make it harder for thieves to steal the car.

Full-size GMC Pickup

The GMC pickups are also one of the easiest cars to steal. These cars are quite easy to break into. Thus, they provide the perfect opportunity for thieves to steal them.

Besides, thieves can tamper with their system and drive the car without keys. The GMC pickup offers excellent functionality.

As a result, they are in high demand in the market. So, thieves love them because it is easier for them to sell.

Full-size Dodge Pickup

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the reported dodge pickup theft cases were 11226.

The dodge pickup size is one of the easiest cars to steal since thieves can easily access their system. Nonetheless, the theft cases of these cars have slightly reduced over the years.

The reason for this remains unknown, but maybe other modern cars which are easier to steal are a better option for thieves.

The bottom line: Honda Civic is the easiest car to steal

The car industry has constantly evolved over the years. Consequently, there are many car models today, each offering different functionality.

Generally, some cars are easier to steal than others. But the easiest car to steal is the Honda Civic.

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