What Triggers The modern Cars Anti-Theft system ?

Today, car anti-theft devices are becoming a necessity. According to statistics, the number of vehicle theft cases is continuously on the rise.

Subsequently, car owners are looking for the best ways to safeguard their cars. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of vehicle anti-theft devices you can use to protect your car.

Each of them works differently; so, it can be hard to determine your most suitable option. Since different vehicle anti-theft devices work differently, they get triggered by different situations.

In this article, we look at the triggers of anti-theft in a car.

Triggers of the theft-deterrent system in your car

Forced entry alarm into the car trunk, hood, and door

Anytime someone is trying to break into your car, the anti-theft device system will go on. When thieves try to tamper with your car door or trunk locks, this triggers the anti-theft deterrent system.

The system automatically assumes that someone is trying to steal the car. But this is not always the case. At times, you could be trying to break the lock simply because you forgot your car keys.

Almost all modern anti-theft devices like car alarms get triggered by forced entry alarms. It is key to install an anti-theft system that gets triggered by this.

This way, you prevent thieves from running off with your car.

Duplicate car keys

In most instances, it is advisable to have a copy of your car keys. Think about it. If you lock your keys inside the car or even lose your keys, it can be devastating if you do not have a set of duplicate keys.

You would have to seek professional help or break your window to get your car keys. Always go to a reputable car locksmith and get a copy of your keys to be safe.

Nevertheless, using a copy of your keys can trigger your car’s anti-theft system. As soon as you insert a duplicate car key, the anti-theft device may prevent the car from moving.

And if it’s an alarm, it will go on. Of course, this depends on the type of anti-theft system you use.

If you use duplicate keys more often than not, install an anti-theft system that does not get triggered by this.

Typically, some anti-theft systems think that the person using a copy of your keys is trying to steal the car. And this might not be the case.

Tilt/inclination movements

Occasionally, thieves have to make some changes to the car before stealing. For example, they may have to remove the GPS tracker or modify the car’s electrical system.

Most car thieves always use a keyless technique to drive your car. What happens is that they tamper with the car’s system to make it move without requiring any car keys.

When this happens, the anti-theft systems get triggered. Moreover, some anti-theft devices get triggered by the simple inclination of a side mirror or wheels.

Some thieves are usually interested in stealing your car parts; luckily, this won’t happen if you have a reliable anti-theft device.

What to do when the anti-theft system stops my car from starting?

In some scenarios, the vehicle anti-theft system can make your car immobile for no reason. So, how do you deal with this? First, note that different anti-theft devices work differently.

It would be best to check the instruction manual when your experience such a problem. However, you can try implementing these tricks to see if you can solve the problem.

Scenario 1: If you can access your car…

When the anti-theft system light is on, grab your keys and insert them in the ignition. Then, slightly turn the keys to the right. Leave the keys for at least ten minutes.

Keep observing the anti-theft light. If it goes off, you can proceed to start the car.

Scenario 2: If you don’t have access to your car…

Grab your car keys and insert them in the keyhole located at the driver’s door. Do not remove your hand off the key until after a few seconds.

Then, turn it as if you are unlocking the door. This trick can help you restore your car. Typically, this technique sends a message to the anti-theft system that you have the original car keys.

Evaluate the car battery

Checking your car battery should be the first thing you do when the anti-theft system prevents the car from starting.

But why? Maybe your vehicle is not starting because of a failed battery and not because of the anti-theft system.

If you notice something wrong with the battery, fix it immediately; alternatively, jump-start the car to restore it.

Modify the car computer system

Another technique of solving the problem is to reset the computer system of the car.

All you have to do is disconnect the car battery’s positive terminal for a few minutes. Then, please put it back and see whether the car will start.

Use the key trick with the steering wheel

In some instances, the anti-theft system will prevent you from starting the car using your keys. Also, it can make the steering wheel immobile.

When this happens, try tilting the car wheel to see if the steering is going to work. Continue doing this until the car keys and the steering wheel cooperates.

Check the car key

The car key could be the problem. So, always check to if all car keys are working. It could be that all of them are not working due to the anti-theft system.

Take them to a car expert to fix them for you. Additionally, if the car keys can’t seem to start, start the engine.

Suppose the engine is not working; leave the car keys inserted in the ignition for at least ten minutes. When the security lights get turned off, wait for about 30 seconds and try to start the engine.


There are many triggers of anti-theft in a car. Some include forced entry and interior movements. All these triggers can make your anti-theft system go on immediately without notice.

But this can be devastating for you if you are the one who caused the trigger. Once the anti-theft system is on, you would have a hard time starting the car.

Fortunately, there is a broad spectrum of solutions that can help you recover your car.

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