What Tools Do I Need To Keep In My Car?

Are you planning for a family road trip during the summer holidays? Organizing a whole trip can be mind-consuming, let alone identifying the exact things you’ll need to carry for the trip.

I mean, the planning process can be devastating yet exciting, especially for the kids. Unquestionably, almost everyone forgets a thing or two when going on a road trip.

But you cannot afford to forget all the tools that you need for your car. Regardless of the time of year, ensure that your car emergency kit is well stocked.

This way, you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with your family.

So, what tools do you need to keep in your car?

First aid kit

In some states, every driver must have a first aid kit in their car. First aid kits come in handy in the event of an accident.

With a first-aid kit, you can always preserve life, prevent deterioration, and promote recovery.

The best thing about a first aid kit is how affordable it is. On average, this kit costs you approximately $20, and you can find it from almost any local store or online shop.

But it would help if you bought a first aid kit with more items, although it would cost slightly more.

Buy one and place it in the trunk of your car. Ultimately, a first aid kit can end up saving your life!

Tow strap

Drivers should keep tow straps in their cars. At times, you may end up getting stick in a muddy ditch or pothole.

In such instances, you would need additional support to remove your car from the muddy area.

When you have a tow strap, all you need to do is tie it to a tree using a tree trunk protector.

Then, you can proceed with rescuing your vehicle. Getting stuck in the mud can be sudden, and a tow strap might be the only thing able to save you at that point.

Fire extinguisher

Although it may not seem that important, always carry a fire extinguisher with you. Fire extinguishers come in handy when you experience a fire.

At times, you may encounter an emergency where one section of your car catches fire. In such a scenario, a fire extinguisher would solve the problem.

Depending on your car’s model, you can always get a small fire extinguisher that won’t occupy too much trunk space.

Car emergency tool kit

Ensure that your car has an emergency tool kit at all times. A car emergency tool kit should have all the necessary items to help you when you get stuck.

Some of the items you can find in a car emergency tool kit include pliers, screwdrivers, jumper cables, a wrench, among other tools.

Additionally, it is always good to include a tire pressure gauge in your car emergency kit. This way, you can avoid getting a flat tire out of the blues.

A spare wheel is also an important thing to include in your car emergency kit.

When driving, you can always experience a flat tire, failed battery, or an overheated engine.

These are just a few of the common issues experienced by drivers. Let’sLet’s look at a detailed explanation of some of the items you can find in an emergency kit.


One of the things you need to keep in your car is a flashlight or a torch.

A flashlight will ensure that you can see a map clearly or read a written note when driving at night.

Moreover, if you experience a problem with your car at night, a torch or flashlight will help you identify and fix it.

So, it would be best if you never forgot to carry a flashlight with you. Even so, note that you should carry extra batteries for your flashlight just in case it stops working.

You undoubtedly don’t want to run out of battery when fixing an issue with your flashlight.

Jumper cables

Keep a jumper cable at the trunk of your car. Jumper cables help you restore your car if you have a failed battery.

But you have to make sure you buy quality jumper cables that work well with your car model.

Having jumper cables also enable you to help other drivers in need on the road.

Tire pressure gauge and tire inflator

One of the things you should keep in your car’s trunk is a tire pressure gauge.

His equipment helps you check the condition of your tires from time to time. As a result, you might end up preventing the occurrence of a flat tire.

Likewise, it would help if you carry an accompanying tire inflator. If you sense that you have a loose tire, check the pressure using the gauge and inflate it.

You unquestionably don’t desire spending hours fixing a flat tire on the road.

So, it would be best to identify the issue early and avoid getting a deflated tire.

Reflecting safety triangles

Never forget to keep your safety triangles in your car. Reflectors are a good way to identify other drivers that you are parked on or beside the road.

You may have parked beside the road simply because your car has broken down. Although some drivers may opt to use flares, this may not be a safer option.

Triangle reflectors are less bulky, user friendly, and very effective. When other drivers see this, they instantly know that there is a problem with your car.

Thus, they will slow down to boost road safety. Put one triangle reflector at the front of your car and another at the back of your car.


Every driver should always carry certain tools with them in their car. Some include jumper cables, tire pressure gauge, fire extinguisher, triangle reflectors, and first aid kit.

Knowing the necessary tools to keep in your car is important. But why? Occasionally, you may find yourself stuck in mud or snow or stick because of a flat tire or failed battery.

Fixing these issues may take you the whole day if you don’t have the necessary equipment.

I mean, you would have to look for a professional to repair your car. But if you have all the tools needed for repair, it would be much easier for you to conduct a DIY repair.

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