What Is The Hardest Car To Steal?

Indisputably, it is completely heartbreaking to have your car stolen. Cars are costly, and it can take you years to save up for a car.

So, when purchasing a car, you would rather go for models that are hardest to steal. In case you didn’t know, some car models are much easier to steal than other models.

Typically, modern, luxurious cars are harder to steal since they have strong anti-theft systems. On the flip side, older cars like Honda are quite easy to steal since they have outdated anti-theft systems that most thieves are familiar with.

Let’s take a look at some of the hardest cars to steal today.

The hardest cars to steal today

US Police Car

Who would dare steal a US police car? Stealing a US police car is only setting yourself up for disaster.

First, police cars are very noticeable; for you to drive them without getting noticed is impossible. Additionally, even if you manage to get rid of all the trackers and radios, you’ll have to locate hidden transponders.

Finding hidden transponders is challenging; by the time you do this, you would have gotten caught. Besides, immediately you steal a police car, all police officers in that whole state will be on high alert.

Ultimately, there’s simply no way you can steal a US police car.

Jaguar XF

The Jaguar XF is also very hard to steal. If you have a missing Jaguar XF, all you have to do is contact the call-in control center and report the incident.

It won’t take long before the police find the thieves. This contemporary car model comes with an in-built tracking system that enables you to see almost all car details, including the location.

Some years back, a Jaguar XF got stolen, and the police managed to recover the car within no time. It showed the day and time it was stolen as well as the number of kilometers covered.

Only a fool will think of stealing a Jaguar XF. Also, like the Tesla, these car models are not many. So, a thief cannot go very far with it. This car model also incorporates a double lock system that prevents the car from moving.

2017 Nissan Leaf

Are you wondering how the 2017 Nissan Lead made it here? Well, the Nissan Leaf is also a tough car to steal.

Unlike other medium-priced cars, it has a very efficient in-built GPS tracking system that allows you to locate your car.

Additionally, the car cannot move when there is no transmission. When it comes to the Nissan Leaf, thieves usually prefer some car parts rather than stealing the whole car.

Audi A4

Audi A4s come with a dependable inbuilt anti-theft system. Thus, it is very hard to steal an Audi A4. Also, it is much harder to start an Audi A4 than it is to start any other.

The car keys have a uniquely designed chip that makes it harder for the car to start. Also, the keys are often coded into the Engine control unit.

As a result, thieves cannot use any other keys when starting the car. The only way to steal an Audi A4 is to tow it, which is not an easy process to do.

Tesla Model S

One of the cars that are impossible to steal is the Tesla Model S. This car model is one of the latest and modern cars as of now.

The car comes with an anti-theft system operated through a smartphone app. So, the owners can always see the location of the car from their smartphones.

Additionally, in case of anything, the owners receive notifications through the app. Does this mean it comes with a GPS tracker?

Well, not really. Unlike the standard GPS tracker, the Tesla Model S notifies the owner anytime someone tries to remove the tracker.

Besides, there are very few Tesla models in the market. So, even if the car gets stolen, the thieves won’t go very far.

Ford Model T

The best thing about the Ford T model is that you cannot sell it easily. So, even when a thief steals a Ford model T, they will take it nowhere.

But why? The Ford Model T is very distinctive and has very few authorized manufacturers. Therefore, it is hard for anyone to purchase this model from any seller.

Besides, thieves cannot easily put it up for sale; everyone suspects that something is wrong. Not to mention, the Ford Model T requires special expertise when driving.

Thus, a thief can be unable to drive the car.

2019 Land Rover Discovery

The land rover 2019 discovery is becoming a main target for thieves; simply because it costs thousands of dollars.

But what thieves don’t know is that this car model is hard to lockpick. Often, when thieves are stealing a car, they use a keyless system.

The 2019 land rover discovery incorporates an ultra-wide-band-radio technology that prevents the thieves from using a keyless technique.

In turn, thieves will not be able to run off with your car.

Mercedes-Benz GL 550

The Mercedes-Benz GL 550 is the best car that protects you from external attacks. With this car, you can literally lock yourself inside and let carjackers shoot at you.

This car model has a string windshield that bounces back the bullets in the case of an attack. Thus, it provides security for both you and your car.

If you have carjackers following you, you have the perfect chance to run off with this car without the worry of losing your life.

Aside from protecting you from car theft, the Mercedes Benz GL 50 will protect you from any other outside attacks.

The bottom line

Since car theft cases are constantly rising, car owners need to invest in modern cars with reliable anti-theft devices

This way, they won’t have to worry about who will steal their car. Today, various car models are hard to steal. Although expensive, they are often worth the investment.

Some of them include the Jaguar XF, Mercedes Benz GL 550, Audi A4, and the Nissan Leaf.

All in all, it is always advisable to invest in a car that offers maximum safety and caters to your requirements.

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