What Is The Best Anti-Theft Device For Modern Time Cars?

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, it can be devastating to lose your car over theft. Think about it, cars are pretty expensive.

Not to mention, it could take you years to save up for a car. So, getting your car stolen is unquestionably heartbreaking.

Based on recent studies, cases of vehicle theft continue to rise. Consequently, car experts have come up with various anti-theft devices that give your car extra protection.

If you are not sure of the most suitable anti-theft devices to purchase, this article is for you. We discuss the best anti-theft devices currently in the market.

Best anti-theft devices currently in the market

Car alarms

Car alarms have been a popular anti-theft device over the years. Currently, there are modern and advanced car alarms that come with additional features to offer excellent functionality.

Some car alarms incorporate car warming features and keyless features for unlocking your car. Car alarms will notify you whenever someone is trying to enter your car.

Also, some car alarms let you know immediately when someone touches your car. Get a car alarm that complements the model of your car.

Rim and tire locks

Almost every car owner is familiar with tire and rim locks. These locks make your tires immobile. Parking officers use them on cars parked illegally.

Typically, tire and rim locks are visible since they encompass the outer edge of the tire. Suppose you plan to leave your car sited for a long time, consider using this anti-theft device.

Once you do this, it will no longer be a target for thieves. And even if burglars try to steal the car, the time they would spend trying to remove the rim locks is enough to report and catch them.

Luckily, tire and rim locks fit any tire. But, of course, always consult your manufacturer before you purchase one. Ensure the tire lock is compatible with your car tires.

GPS car tracker

A GPS device is an essential feature that lets you know the location of your car. GPS trackers will help you find a lost car.

These anti-theft devices are easy to install; all you have to do is connect the tracker to the car’s OBD.

But note that these devices come with a monthly subscription fee. If you are looking for an anti-theft device, installing a GPS tracker is a good start.

Kill switches

Car thieves often use a keyless technique to steal the vehicle. What they do is that switch up the car’s electrical system.

As a result, your car moves without being started with a key. Kill switches protect the system of the car from getting tampered with.

Therefore, thieves won’t be able to drive your car without a key. Nonetheless, you have to note that a kill switch tampers with the whole system of the car.

How? Once you install a kill switch, you will no longer be able to start your car without a key. Instead, you’ll have to start the car using a button or remote.

Some kill switches will require you to start the car using a smartphone app. Subsequently, the majority of individuals rule out kill switches.

However, if you are comfortable using a keyless mechanism to start your car, well and good! With this anti-theft device, you will have to call in a professional to do the installation for you.

Steering wheel locks

Did you know that you can lock your steering? Well, steering wheel locks are one of the best features you can use to safeguard your car from theft.

But how do they work? Steering wheel locks prevent you from driving the car until you turn off the lock. The best thing about these features is that they are simple to install and uninstall.

Once thieves see the steering wheel lock in your car, they don’t bother.

Best anti-theft practices for cars 

Besides purchasing and installing anti-theft devices that cost you thousands of dollars, you have to implement certain practices to safeguard your car from theft.

And the best thing about incorporating these practices is that they will cost you nothing. Below are some anti-theft practices for cars.

  • Never leave your windows or door open. Ensure that you lock your car anytime you park it. Additionally, when driving, lock all windows and doors to be safe. You never know who is watching you. They could be waiting for the perfect moment to hijack you. When you park your car, never leave your doors and windows unlocked. Otherwise, you would set yourself up for disaster.
  • Stay with your car keys. Occasionally, car owners can forget their car keys on top of the car. Even worse, if you are not careful, your cars can fall beneath the car doors. Always keep your car keys in a safe place to prevent car theft cases.
  • Look for safer parking spaces. If you have to park your car, look for an open place. Parking your car in hidden places or corners increases the chances of car theft. It would be best to park in places where there are CCTVs.
  • Carry your personal belongings with you. Leaving an expensive watch in your car attracts the wrong people. So, always carry your handbag, phone, and other personal items you may have with you when parking your car. If you really have to leave your personal belongings, hide them under the char or lock them in your trunk.

Should I buy a car anti-theft device if I have a reliable insurance cover?

In some instances, car owners assume that their insurance companies offer good compensation when their car gets stolen.

Well, if you are one of these people, you are mistaken. Very few insurance companies will provide full compensation in the case of car theft.

So, at the end of the day, it will still be a loss for you. But all in all, always check your insurance terms and conditions.

All In All

In this present age and time, there is a broad spectrum of anti-theft devices for cars. Car theft is still on the rise.

Thus, every car owner should invest in a good anti-theft device. The best anti-theft device for cars often depends on your requirements.

So, identify the most suitable option that caters to your needs and works with your car model.

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