What Is Ghost System And How Effective Is It Today?

As each year passes, the number of vehicle thefts continues to increase.

The ever-increasing technology enables thieves to steal even the latest keyless car models with the strongest anti-theft systems.

All they need is a small, portable, cheap device that can code signals from the original key. Also, old car models are a target of thieves.

Thieves can actually point a gun on your head in broad daylight and force you to remove your keys. Sounds scary, right? Fortunately, the ghost system can save you from all this trouble.

So, what is a ghost system?

Generally, a ghost system helps you safeguard your vehicle from getting stolen.

The system does this by preventing thieves from code programming, signal programming, hacking apps, and key cloning.

If your car has this system, they cannot get away with the car unless they tow it. And it is relatively impossible to tow a car for long distances.

The thieves would undoubtedly get caught in the process.

What happens is that your car gets a distinctive code that protects all the unlock codes of your car through the ghost system.

How does a ghost system work?

Unlike most vehicle anti-theft devices, the ghost system does not incorporate LED indicators.

More often than not, this system has a close link with the control area network (CAN).

Additionally, the system is specially customized to safeguard your vehicle using a secret, distinctive pin that you choose.

The ghost system installer will help you choose a suitable pin code for your car. After you select a specific PIN code, it gets programmed to the vehicle.

Doing this entails using multiple buttons located on the dashboard or the steering wheel. Once the unique PIN code gets programmed, the car won’t start unless you enter this code.

Over the past recent years, car thieves managed to steal thousands of cars in the United States by illegally accessing the On-Board Computer port.

Fortunately, the ghost system now prevents this from happening. Typically, with a ghost system, no signals get transmitted. So, thieves are not able to get any information to help them unlock your car.

Advantages of the ghost system in cars

  • Maximum safety through a unique secret PIN code: The ghost system allows you to select a unique PIN code that safeguards the car. You can enter the PIN code through your dashboard or steering wheel. And note that you will need the PIN code to start the car. When thieves are trying to send key signals to their devices, they won’t receive any information. This unique code is typically a lifesaver.
  • Does not function with any suspicious device: If you don’t know the ghost security systems secrete code, there’s no possible way you can drive the car. And to make it even better, thieves cannot hack the code. Thieves cannot access the ghost system. So, they typically cannot find the code.
  • User-friendly and convenient: One of the main advantages of the ghost system is that it is user-friendly. This security system comes with smartphone applications that help you start the car without entering the code manually. Most of these applications can connect with your car using Bluetooth. In this day and age, everyone wants products and services that will give them an easy time both in the long run and in the short run. The ghost systems come with an online application that enables you to operate the car from your phone. In fact, you can start the car using the smartphone app.
  • PIN code recovery system: You need not worry if you ever forget your pin code. The ghost security system can always help you recover the pin. And the best thing about this recovery system is that it works fast. So, you won’t be stranded for a long time. All you have to do is contact the customer support team. Once you do this, they’ll be more than ready to help you out.
  • Safer option: Unlike some vehicle anti-theft devices, the ghost system offers safe installation since there is usually no need for wiring. Car anti-theft devices that incorporate wiring consume more time and effort during installation. Besides, mechanics can injure themselves during installation. The car ghost system only requires you to input a unique code on the dashboard or steering wheel; a straightforward, fast, and much safer process!

What if I want to change the PIN code?

As mentioned earlier, the ghost system safeguards your car via a unique code entered through the steering wheel or dashboard.

If you have a ghost system, you might think of changing the PIN after some time. Maybe you are dissatisfied with the code, or you want to change it for no reason.

In such instances, you don’t need to contact the ghost security system installers. But why? Changing the PIN code is a relatively easy process. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: The first thing to do would be to switch on the vehicle’s ignition. However, be careful not to start the vehicle. Otherwise, you won’t be successful with your mission.
  • Step 2: Input your current PIN code through the steering wheel or dashboard; this depends on where you usually enter the pin. Ensure that the PIN code you entered is correct to make the process faster.
  • Step 3: Once you enter the current PIN code, move your foot to the accelerator and press downwards. Do not remove your foot from the accelerator.
  • Step 4: While your foot is still pressing the accelerator downwards, enter your current pin once again. Once you do this, you can release your foot from the accelerator pedal. At this point, you’ll notice flashing lights coming from the engine light, indicator lights, and downhill lights.
  • Step 5: Then, put in your new pin code. The flashlights will go on three times. When you notice this, enter the new pin code again. The flashlights will go on two times. Switch off the ignition button, and rest assured that you can now use the new pin code.


The ghost system is indisputably worth the installation. This system provides maximum security for your car. It is almost close to impossible to steal a car with a ghost system.

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