What Is A Ghost Immobilizer And How Effective Is It?

Nowadays, all car owners need to use strong and reliable anti-theft devices for their vehicles.

Otherwise, they run the risk of losing their car in the blink of an eye. Car thieves now manage to steal all types of cars using advanced techniques.

A few years back, car thieves used to alter the car’s electric system. This way, they managed to run off with thousands of cars.

At the same time, car experts invented keyless cars to prevent thieves from stealing cars. But this still did not work.

Thieves came up with a wide range of techniques for stealing keyless cars, from signal to code programming.

Typically, what they do is that they use a special device to receive unlock passwords from the original key.

Consequently, almost all cars are at the risk of getting stolen. The only way to completely safeguard your car against theft is by using a ghost immobilizer.

How does a Ghost Immobilizer work?

This system is uniquely designed to safeguard your car from theft. It prevents thieves from getting your unlock codes and passwords.

The ghost immobilizer system does this through a unique pin code identified by the ghost system. So, whenever thieves try to transfer signals from your car key, they won’t be successful.

The only way for them to steal the car would be through towing. Thus, they would give up on your car and look for another target.

Only a brilliant thief would be able to know that your car has a ghost immobilizer system. The ghost immobilizer is relatively a secret between the car owner and the installer.

Well, unless the car owner decides to tell other people. So, when thieves target your car, they won’t know that it has a ghost immobilizer.

If you are near the car and happen to spot suspicious people, you can easily report them to the police.

By the time the thieves realize that they can’t get the signal, the police will have already arrived. In turn, this reduces the number of car theft cases in the city and state in general.

When you come up with the pin code, you have to enter it through the dashboard or steering wheel for the car to start.

So, if you happen to forget the pin, you might have to look for another means of transport if you are in a hurry.

But ghost immobilizer installers can sort you out within no time. All you have to do is contact them. More often than not, the pin code should have a maximum of 20 actions.

In-depth understanding of ghost immobilizers

For many years, thieves have been able to steal cars by accessing the OBD port through hacking. Ghost immobilizers stop this by communicating with the CAN and Engine Control Unit.

And once the security system does this, thieves get zero information on the signals and the car’s whereabouts.

Consequently, this prevents transmission of signals and blank key fobbing. Besides, even if they manage to steal your key and get into the car, they won’t be able to start the car.

The car needs the user to enter a special unique pin code before it can start.

What you need to know about ghost immobilizers

How much do ghost immobilizers cost?

One of the most common asked questions is, “How much does it cost to install a ghost immobilizer?” Well, the cost often varies depending on the company you hire.

However, on average, it costs about $630 to install a ghost immobilizer for your car. Although costly, this security system is worth the investment.

Remember, failure to install the ghost system can cost you thousands of dollars in the long run when your car gets stolen.

How long is the installation process for a ghost immobilizer?

Installing a ghost immobilizer is not a complex process. All you have to do is look for a dependable company that offers vehicle anti-theft solutions.

Then, find out if they offer ghost immobilizer installation. If they do, they will come to your home or place of work to install the system for you. In most instances, it would take them roughly two hours to complete the installation.

Note that they will require you to come up with your preferred pin code once they install the system for you. Therefore, be ready to spare about 15 minutes of your day for this.

Can a ghost immobilizer reduce my insurance premium?

When you install a ghost immobilizer, you have the unique privilege of lowering your insurance costs. Even so, this often depends on your insurance company.

The majority of insurance companies will lower your insurance premiums. But why? Using ghost immobilizers provides extra protection for your car.

So, you won’t have to pay your insurance company a lot since there are fewer chances of your car getting stolen.

Therefore, it is fair enough for your insurance company to decrease your monthly premiums.

Do ghost immobilizer systems have warranties?

Fortunately, most ghost immobilizers come with durable warranties. Thus, you rest assured of quality. And in case of anything, your installers are always ready to help you out.

Ghost immobilizer warranties serve as a unique selling point since they show that the company is dependable.

If you plan to install a ghost immobilizer, ensure it has a durable and valid warranty.

Should I share my ghost immobilizer PIN code with my mechanic?

Since you are the only one who can access the car, you might be wondering how your mechanic will service the car.

Well, not to worry. When servicing your car, the ghost immobilizer system allows you to put your car in service mode.

This way, the mechanic can access your car without having to enter the PIN code. Don’t forget to switch off the service mode after the mechanic is done with your car.

In summary

Ghost immobilizers are increasingly becoming common among most car owners due to their efficiency.

This product is definitely a game-changer since it outsmarts thieves who think they know it all. With ghost immobilizers, you cannot start the car without a unique pin code.

However, ghost immobilizers are expensive; but they are always worth the installation.

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