What Are The Best Rims To Buy?

There is no better way to complement a luxurious car than incorporating beguiling rims. Rims add a whole new charm to your car’s appearance.

Therefore, car experts advise buying the best rims that offer not only beauty but also the functionality.

Luckily, there is a broad spectrum of rims you can purchase today. However, before you buy a specific rim, you have to consider factors like longevity, cost, and anti-rust features.

Let’s take a look at some of the most recommended rims to buy as of now.


Over the years, car experts have done their best to come up with high tech rims that cater to a wide range of requirements.

Currently, the BBS SUPER RS is one of the most reliable designs we’ve got. This rim has a spectacular design thus can give your car a first-class transformation.

Also, the BBS SUPER RS offers high longevity and strength levels since it comprises of aluminum material.

Moreover, it can withstand high external pressure while racing. Like the Enkei, the BBS SUPER RS is also used for Formula One racing.

In fact, it celebrated a major win about 15 years ago when Michael Schumacher won; his car had the BBS SUPER RS rims.

Besides, these rims have been recognized multiple times as Germany’s best rims. Ultimately, these rims are worth the purchase.

If you are a car racer, try them out; you might be lucky like Michael Schumacher.

Konig Hypergram rims

The Konig Hypergram is one of the latest rim designs. It incorporates a 12 spoke alloy wheel. Thus, you can imagine the attractiveness it provides.

One of the best things about this wheel is that it comes in a wide array of colors. You can find it in grey, race bronze, and metallic carbon.

Moreover, the Konig Hypergram has different sizes ranging from 15 to 18 inches.

So, you have the freedom to choose the most suitable rim size that matches your requirements.

OZ Racing Ultraleggera

One of the most popular rims to buy is the OZ Racing Ultraleggera. As the name suggests, these rims are best used for cars used for racing.

They not only boost the car’s attractiveness but also perform well. The OZ Racing Ultraleggera rims come in different levels of resilience.

The first and toughest one is HyperGT HLT. Thus, it is best used for GT3 racing.

Additionally, these rims incorporate different sizes. So, the one you choose highly depends on the make of your car.

Even so, note that these rims are more costly. But they are powerful and incur minimal repair costs.

They can withstand a lot of friction and external pressure since they are distinctively designed for racing.

Carbon Revolution CR9 rims

Resembling a high-end steering wheel, the Carbon Revolution CR9 is the most contemporary rim as of now.

Unlike most rims, it has carbon fiber material. This makes it less bulky yet very useful. However, they are one of the most expensive rims as they go for about $15,800.

Often, carbon rims work well with luxurious cars. If you do not have a fixed budget and want to modify your vehicle, consider installing Carbon Revolution CR9 rims.

American Racing Torq Thrust rims

Another highly recommended rim type to purchase is the American Racing Torq Thrust. Made from aluminum, these rims are uniquely made for drag races.

You can always tell this from their antique look. American Racing Torq Thrust rims offer good traction for racing thus are popular among most car owners.

On average, they come in sizes of approximately 14 to 20 inches. Since they have been used for decades, most people trust in their ability to deliver excellent functionality.

ENKEI RP03 rims

Have you ever watched Formula One? Then you must have seen the Enkei RPO3 rim. The Enkei RPO3 rim is useful in maximizing traction under high pressure.

It incorporates 5-spoke wheels to prolong its durability. Manufactured first in 1950 by a Japanese Company, most car racing companies now use the Enkei RPO3 rim.

Forgiato rims

From its looks, you can tell that the Forgiato is a luxury car rim. Besides offering great functionality, It is outstandingly beautiful and elegant.

However, you would have to spend thousands of dollars when buying the Forgiato. On average, the Forgiato rims can cost up to $7,000.

One of the most advantageous things about this rim is that you can find it in sizes of up to 34 inches.

Additionally, the rim also comes in a wide array of colors.

SSR GTV01 rims

Incorporating a simple yet stylish look, the SSR GTV 01 is one of the most recommend rims in the market.

The SSR GTV 01 is well known due to its robustness and ability to bear extreme pressure. It is a 5-spoke alloy wheel and comes in either silver or black colors.

Even so, you have to note that the SSR GTV 01 is very expensive. You can find it for at least $1,000 per unit.

Needless to say, their high cost explains their luxurious nature. They are mostly used for high-end cars like the Mercedes.

Manufactured in Japan, the SSR GTV 01 are always manufactured up to the best standards. At times, you can use these rims in racing cars.

But you can also use them in any vehicle, as long as the compatibility check is 100%. Nevertheless, car experts don’t highly recommend them for racing unless they are specially designed for racing.

The bottom line

At this moment in time, there is a wide range of rims to buy. So, always conduct thorough research on the best types of rims that meet your requirements.

Also, make sure you purchase your rims from a reliable manufacturer.

Even so, some of the highly recommended rims today include the Konig Hypergram, Enkei RPO3 rim, OZ Racing Ultraleggera, and the American Racing Torq Thrust.

Before purchasing rims, it would be best if you analyze your requirements and budget. This way, you’ll have an excellent clue of what works for you.

Ultimately, rims are spectacular features to incorporate into your car. So, invest in good rims.

Keep in mind that you would rather spend more initial costs than lifetime costs.

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