What Are The Best Car Lights?

Over the years, car experts have continually sought the perfect replacement for conventional car lights.

Subsequently, there is a wide range of car lights existent in the market. Each of them offers different levels of brightness and aesthetics.

Therefore, you can undoubtedly find the most suitable car light that works best for your car. Even so, what are the best car lights today?

Indisputably, it can be hard to find a specific car light that stands out among the rest.

However, according to customer reviews, halogen lights have the highest ranking. Halogen lights are cheap yet offer fantastic functionality.

Besides, most car owners have identified with halogen lights simply because they have been existent in the market for decades.

LED and xenon car lights are also becoming more popular among most car owners. So, does this mean halogen lights offer the best functionality?

Well, not really; let’s look at an in-depth understanding of each type of car light.

LED car lights

Over time, LED lights have increasingly become popular among most individuals. LED car lights are one of the best options, although they do not incur low initial costs.

They produce high levels of brightness, are thus perfect for use at night. LED car lights do not generate a lot of heating when functioning.

Thus, they offer the best durability compared to other car lights. But you have to note that LED car lights get dimmer with time. So, you may have to replace them.

LED car lights also help you boost your car’s aesthetics since they come in very small sizes.

Thus, you can always position them in a spectacular pattern on your car. Even though LED car lights are the most expensive, they are cost-efficient.

Halogen headlights

As seen earlier, halogen lights have the highest ranking compared to other types of car lights.

Well, this is understandable, considering these lights are the oldest in the market. Halogen lights function efficiently.

However, when you compare them to modern car lights like LED and xenon, they save less energy and are not as durable.

Also, halogen lights tend to generate a lot of heat compared to LED and xenon.

Halogen lights do not provide a lot of brightness; thus, you may struggle to navigate the road at night. Thus, you will have to replace them after a short period.

The price of halogen car lights explains its popularity. Halogen lights are the least expensive car lights.

Hence, they work well for car owners under a tight budget. Fortunately, car professionals have invented modern halogen lights that offer high brightness levels.

If you are looking for a short-term solution for your car lights, halogen lights will work correctly for you.

Xenon car lights

The other type of car lights is the xenon HID lights. If you are looking for bright car lights, xenon is the best.

These car lights offer the highest levels of brightness and still manage to produce less heat.

Even so, experts report that xenon lights can be dangerous due to the high levels of brightness produced.

When car lights are incredibly bright, you tend to blind other drivers on the road. In turn, this could lead to a road accident.

But today, xenon car lights come with an automatic dimmer control system. Thus, you can regulate their brightness levels.

So, if you are to purchase xenon car lights, ensure you can control the brightness level. Xenon bulbs are more energy-saving than halogen lights, thus saving fuel costs in the long run.

These car lights also offer high longevity compared to halogen lights but not as much as LED lights.

Besides, they come in a wide range of colors; blue, white, and yellow. Thus, you can use them to boost the aesthetics of your car.

Nonetheless, xenon car lights are not as inexpensive as halogen lights.

General comparison of LED, halogen, and xenon car lights

Typically, halogen car lights have the lowest color temperature ranging from about 3000k.

Then, xenon has a color temperature of approximately 4500k while LED has a color temperature of up to 6000k.

LED lights, therefore, have the coolest color temperature. And although they produce high brightness levels, they do not blind other drivers like xenon car lights.

Halogen car lights, on the other hand, provide the least brightness levels. So, at the end of the day, it all depends on what you want.

If all you want is brightness, then xenon car lights might be your best option. Suppose you desire to save on your lifetime costs; LED car lights are your best option.

Before you purchase any car lights, make sure you evaluate all your requirements.

Factors to consider when selecting the best car lights

Lighting system

The lighting technique of the bulb should match your requirements. It is always advisable to choose car lights with automatic dimmer systems.

This way, you can always regulate the brightness levels of your car lights. In turn, you would avoid blinding other drivers.

Waterproof features

Before you purchase a car light, make sure it can function in all kinds of weather.

Don’t make the mere assumption that the car light will get protected by the headlight cover. At times, moisture finds its way through the cover.

So, ensure that the car lights are waterproof. Otherwise, you would have to replace them often due to burning out.

Always check with your manufacturer whether your car lights are resistant to water, dust, and other external conditions.

Installation process

Different car lights incur different installation procedures.

So, if you plan to conduct a DIY project, it would be best to choose a car light that would be simple to install.

For instance, LED lights are easy to install. On the other hand, if you plan to call a professional, you have the freedom to choose any car light you want.

In conclusion

Currently, there are many types of car lights you can choose from.

Selecting your best option can be difficult, especially if you are not knowledgeable about all the different car light types.

So, before you settle for a particular type of car light, make sure you understand the unique advantages and disadvantages it offers.

Then, from there, you can make your decision. Ultimately, the best car lights to buy depend on your requirements.

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