What Are 3 Items You Should Include In Your Winter Car Kit?

As much as we are sometimes advised to stay positive at all times, emergencies are unavoidable.

Regardless of the type of emergency, we often have to figure out a way to solve the problem.

Occasionally, drivers may experience a problem or two with their car. It could be due to a flat tire, dysfunctional battery, or overheated engine.

Luckily, all problems have a solution. But it is even better to avoid these problems. As a result, every driver should have a winter car kit during winter.

Unquestionably, cars are more prone to getting stuck or developing a problem during winter. Keep in mind that at this time, the weather is unfavorable.

So, it would be best if you carry your winter car kit everywhere you go.

Three things you should never forget to carry in your winter car kit

Engine antifreeze coolant

The first important thing that you should always in your winter car kit is an engine coolant.

Coolant protects the engine of the car in extremely low and high temperatures. During winter, the temperatures are very low.

Consequently, these low temperatures can make water in the car’s radiator to freeze if you are not careful.

Preventing this requires you to use an antifreeze coolant. The best thing about coolant is that it also protects your car from rust.

So, never forget to purchase an antifreeze coolant that complements the model of your car during winter. If the fluid in the radiator freezes, your car would stop moving.

Windshield cleaner

The weather is unfavorable during winter. Consequently, when you are driving during winter, your windshield is likely to get dirty to the point you can’t see ahead of the road.

Usually, snow, ice, and moisture can accumulate on your windshield. And the standard wipers may not be enough to get rid of this build-up.

Therefore, you will need a windshield cleaner. Fortunately, there are different types of windshield cleaners you can use.

These products are specially designed to wipe off stubborn dirt build-ups on the windscreen. In turn, they leave you with a crystal-clear windshield.

Jumper cables

It would be best if you indisputably had your jumper cables in your car winter kit.

Jumper cables help you jump-start the car when you experience a failed battery.

Remember, car batteries tend to wear out from time to time.

Therefore, to be safe, buy quality jumper cables that work with your car. You never know when they will come in handy.

If you don’t mind spending a lot on your jumper cables, purchase a lithium-ion battery.

The lithium-ion battery is a piece of multipurpose equipment that comes with jumper cables.

With it, you can jumps start your car, revive your battery and still charge your phone or laptop.

Never leave your jumper cable when you are going on any trip during inter.

Other items to carry in your winter car kit

Winter wear

Pack two or three winter blankets, shoes, boots, and scarves in your car winter kit.

You never know when you might need them. At times, you may experience a major car breakdown at night.

And this can force you to spend the night out in the cold. This is where your winter garments will come in handy.

Additionally, if it gets colder as you drive, you might have to grab a winter scarf and tie it on your neck.

Tire gauge

During winter, your wheels get exposed to harsh weather conditions. If you don’t keep checking your tires, you might end up with a puncture.

So, carry a tire pressure gauge to check and fill your tires whenever they run out of air.

A tire gauge can help you avoid a flat tire and keep your wheels in perfect condition even during winter.


Never forget to include your torch in your winter car kit. Keep in mind that the atmosphere is generally darker than usual during winter.

So, if you are using a tangible map to find your destination, you might have to use a flashlight to see clearly.

Also, finding something you’ve accidentally dropped can be a hustle during winter. Remember, there is not much brightness, and it is not advisable to turn on your driving lamp often.

Reflecting triangles

Moreover, ensure that your winter car kit has reflectors. Your car is likely to experience one problem or two during winter.

Subsequently, you might end up finding yourself by the roadside fixing a failed battery or flat tire.

In such scenarios, reflectors help you alert other drivers of your presence. If you don’t place reflectors on the car’s back and front, you might end up causing a road accident.

First aid kit

Another important thing to include in your winter car is a first aid kit. First aid kits assist you when you accidentally hurt yourself experience a health emergency.

Remember that your health comes first, and without you, the car would be stationary. Also, you might be able to help out in case of an accident nearby.

Therefore, never forget to carry a first aid kit.

Nonetheless, ensure that your first aid kit contains all the necessary items.

Fuel or motor oil

Carry extra fuel in your winter car kit. You might end up running out of fuel unknowingly.

Therefore, constantly check whether you have enough motor oil in your winter emergency kit. Running out of fuel can be devastating.

I mean, you would have to walk miles in the snow to find a gas station near you.

And when you experience such a problem at night, you will have to wait until morning to get a nearby gas station if you are in a remote area.

The bottom line

During winter, your car is more vulnerable to experience problems. So, always ensure you are ready for an emergency.

Ensure that your winter car kit never misses a windshield cleaner, engine coolant, and jumper cables.

Other equipment you also have to carry along include extra fuel, a torch, tire pressure gauge, and winter garments.

All these will come in handy whenever you experience an emergency.

Furthermore, you have to ensure you keep checking your winter car kit to ensure that it is appropriately stored.

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