Should You Cover Your Car Outside?

Cars are indisputably great assets that make your life so much easier.

Even so, every car owner should do their best to incorporate the right maintenance techniques to boost the longevity of their cars.

One popular way to keep your vehicle in good condition is to cover your vehicle.

Today, there is a wide range of car covers you can use to protect the vehicle’s exterior surface. Doing this makes your car look new for decades.

Not forgetting you have to spend thousands repainting your vehicle.

Nowadays, most people often use their garages to park their cars.

As much as this might be an excellent way to store your vehicle, it may not be a perfect way to protect the surfaces of your vehicle.

Car experts report that dust particles damage your car. They tend to rub against the surface of the car hence making the car appear duller and older.

So, although not compulsory, car owners need to use car covers.

Is it wrong to leave your car parked outside?

Typically, the parking spot does not matter. Whether you are parking your car outside, in a garage, or a basement parking, a car cover would be necessary.

Remember, dust is everywhere. So, leaving your car out in the open is not safe. Also, note that washing your car on a regular would not help.

When dust particles get washed off from the vehicle’s surface using a cloth, they tend to scratch the car.

In turn, the car paint becomes more prone to wearing out faster. Not to mention, car covers protect your vehicle from the damaging effects of the sun.

Luckily, there is a wide variety of car covers homeowners can choose from. The one you settle for significantly relies on your requirements.

Nonetheless, before purchasing a car cover, it is always advisable to conduct thorough research on the products available.

Then, compare them with your needs. Find the most suitable match that caters to all your requirements.

Why should you get a car cover when parking outside?

Leaving your car sited for over a month leads to weakening of the gaskets and seals. Also, the wheels tend to become flat, and the battery fails.

So, you would be tampering with the car’s central system. The car engine would also start weakening when left unattended for a while.

You may get surprised to realize that your car would not begin after letting it sit for long. So, it is always good to invest in a good car cover that will protect your car.

Failure to do so would lead to several problems. They include:

Contamination of the gas tank

Letting your car sit for a long time also interferes with the gas tank.

What happens is that the gas tank tends to become loose after some time, thus letting in some oxygen.

Oxygen, in turn, comes into contact with gas and produces a harmful substance. You can always know when oxygen has come in contact with the gas.

A foul smell would get produced dues to this reaction. Also, you would not be able to use your car when it contains this substance.

So, ensure you replace the gas in your vehicle from time to time when you leave it sitting.

Worn out gaskets and seals

Car seals and gaskets are essential in preventing any car leakages.

When you let your car sit for more than a month, it will start wearing out. Consequently, you would experience leaks, or your vehicle will tend to run out of fluid faster.

Flat and loose tires

Like seals and gaskets, the wheels of the cars are from rubber. Thus, they tend to become loose when not used.

Loose tires are more vulnerable to develop cracks and tiny holes, which lets air escape. In turn, they become flat and useless.

Therefore, you would have to replace your tires using thousands of dollars.

Exposure to rodents

Suppose you fail to cover your car, you expose it to rodents.

Mice and rats are likely to chew all the plastic components of your car, including the exhaust pipe.

As a result, your car components break down and malfunction. And you will have to conduct major repairs that cost you thousands of dollars before you use the car again.

Failed battery

Car batteries are sensitive. When you don’t use your car for a long time, they tend to stop functioning.

So, it would be best to store your car battery indoors and charge it from time to time. Doing this helps preserve the life of the battery.


You should cover your car outside to protect it from corrosion. Parking your vehicle in outdoor spaces leads to rusting.

How? Remember, moisture is almost everywhere, and cars contain many metal components.

Thus, when moisture comes in contact with your vehicle, it erodes the finish material, which, in turn, leads to rusting.

Subsequently, the value of your car depreciates two times faster. Not to mention, your car would appear dull and old.

How long should you leave your car outside?

Cars offer maximum durability when they are well taken care of. Leaving your car untouched for months can damage the car.

But can you leave a vehicle for more than a month? Well, yes, but it is not advisable.

You should run the engine from time to time if you plan to leave your car for a long time.

Once you leave the car sited for too long, some parts of the car would begin deteriorating or corroding.


Using car covers is an effective method to keep your car in good condition.

Failure to do so would make you spend thousands of dollars on car repairs in the long run.

Thus, if you plan to leave your car outside for a certain period, it would be best if you bought a car cover.

Doing this would help you protect your car from harsh external conditions. In turn, it would promote the car’s longevity.

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