Should A Car Cover Be Waterproof?

As seen earlier, there is a wide variety of car covers today. Your requirements often determine the type of car cover you purchase.

However, car experts always recommend buying a waterproof car cover. Waterproof car covers offer extra protection against rusting and moisture.

Sometimes, you may not find indoor parking, and you would require to park outside. Waterproof covers will come in handy during these times.

Besides, waterproof covers can withstand harsh external conditions like winter. Car covers that do not have waterproof features may not completely protect your car.

So, it would be best if you invest in an excellent waterproof car cover once and for all. They offer value for money.

With waterproof car covers, you can comfortably leave your car out in the rain without worry.

Should a car cover be 100% Waterproof?

Even though car experts highly recommend waterproof car covers, there is a disclaimer. Do not go for a 100% waterproof car cover.

When the car cover is completely waterproof, it means that it is not breathable.

This means that the car cover does not have an escape route for the trapped moisture/water.

Consequently, 100% waterproof covers foster the buildup of moisture on the cover. In turn, this can lead to the formation of rust and mildew on the cover.

Moreover, 100% waterproof car covers do not allow for ventilation. Thus, any moisture that gets trapped there will accumulate over time and cause damage to the cover.

So, always look for a waterproof breathable cover. Such covers trap moisture and allow for aeration, which boosts evaporation, thus preventing moisture buildup especially if the car is parked outside.

Breathable Vehicle Covers vs Water-Resistant Vehicle Covers

There is a big difference between water-resistant and breathable car covers. Typically, water-resistant covers are 100% waterproof.

Such covers prevent water from coming in contact with your car. However, after some time, water-resistant covers will allow penetration of moisture onto the car’s surface.

Since water-resistant covers do not allow ventilation, condensation occurs when the surface is cooler than the air.

Then, humid, which becomes moisture, gets passed onto the car’s surface. This leads to corrosion and damage to the car’s finish.

On the flip side, breathable car covers allow for aeration. Thus, any moisture that gets left on the cover evaporates in the long run.

With breathable car covers, you rest assured that your car is free from moisture and rust. Luckily, most waterproof car covers are breathable.

But always consult your manufacturer before you settle for a particular cover. Ultimately, breathable car covers are the best.

Why should you invest in a waterproof car cover?

Protection from Chemical Compounds

Unlike standard covers, waterproof car covers offer maximum protection against chemical agents.

But where do these chemical compounds come from? More often than not, rainwater contains acid, among other minerals, that can damage various surfaces.

When the acid comes in contact with your car, it leads to corrosion. Waterproof covers work well in safeguarding the vehicle against these compounds.

But ensure the waterproof cover is breathable. Otherwise, water/moisture would accumulate on the cover’s surface for an extended period.

In turn, you risk the chances of damaging your car cover and car finish.

If you reside in areas that contain numerous pollutants in the air, always use a waterproof car cover. They help you protect your car from chemical compounds.

Safeguard your vehicle from unfavorable weather conditions

Often, waterproof car covers are specially designed for outdoor use.

So, the majority of them safeguard your car from harsh external conditions. For instance, waterproof covers prevent moisture from coming in contact with the surface of your car.

In turn, you protect your car finish and keep it in good shape.

Additionally, dirt particles and bird droppings will not be able to come in contact with your car when you use a waterproof car cover.

When you use a waterproof car cover, your car appears newer and lustrous at the end of the day.

Protection from water spots

Water spots make the car dirty and dull. Leaving your car out in the rain protects the vehicle from water spots.

Additionally, using a light polyester and cotton car cover may not safeguard it from water spots.

Only waterproof car covers can do so. We all know how it can be challenging to get rid of water spots.

So, always use a waterproof car cover to safeguard your car.

Harmful effects of the sun

Since waterproof car covers are mostly for outdoor use, they are specially formulated to protect your car against ultraviolet rays.

Ultraviolet rays can tamper with the car paint and lead to fading and dulling.

Moreover, ultraviolet rays can penetrate your car’s interior surfaces and lead to the seat’s wear and tear.

Not to mention, cars that have high internal temperatures are more prone to damage.

In fact, high temperatures can lead to a gradual breakdown of some car parts. Invest in a good waterproof cover to protect your car against the harmful effects of the sun.

Reduction of car theft cases

Waterproof covers have a different configuration compared to indoor car covers.

They are more challenging to install, access and remove. As a result, they can protect your car from theft.

Removing a waterproof car cover can take longer than removing an indoor car cover. Thus, waterproof covers give your vehicle extra protection.

Thieves or robbers would take time before they can access the car. So, you can always report and stop theft cases when the vehicle has a waterproof cover on top.

Final verdict

In this present age and time, there is a wide range of car covers.

Each has a unique configuration and provides different benefits. But car experts often advise getting a waterproof car cover.

Waterproof car covers work correctly when it comes to protecting your vehicle from rain, moisture, ultraviolet rays, and even dust.

They are often designed for outdoor use. Thus, they are much more robust and effective than covers made for indoor use.

But, of course, always analyze your requirements before buying a specific car cover. All in all, waterproof car covers are more expensive but are indisputably worth a try.

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