Review of the best headlights for different cars

Having looked on to the best headlights and car lighting in the previous articles. We now review the best of the headlights available in the market today.


The desire to have a balance between good visibility and safety to the other road users is paramount in this review.

Best headlights available in the market today

  1. Fahren 9008/H13 LED Headlight Bulbs, 60W 12000 Lumens Super Bright LED Headlights Conversion Kit 6500K Cool White IP68 Waterproof, Pack of 2 (B07XRC7TL4)

This bulb comes with a 6500K cool white light emission with an IP68 waterproof version.

This kit is 300 percent brighter compared to a regular bulb and filled with a lighting range that’s highly focused.

For a complete angler view, you simply need to turn it. Using this product will bring more than 50,000 hours lifespan.

Stability is assured thanks to its cool turbofan, hollow-carved design, and aviation aluminum body; you get a reasonably-priced long-lasting headlight kit.

It takes ten minutes to install this item without any alteration. The model guarantees CANBUS ready for 98 percent of cars.

You might need a decoder for some sensitive models such as Volvo, Dodge, Ford, Ram, and Jeep.


  • 50,000 hours of lighting life
  • Durable aviation aluminum structure
  • IP68 waterproof
  • 98 percent CANBUS ready installation
  • Three times brighter than a halogen
  • The Fahren H13 offers its utmost precision in performance thanks to its hollow-carved design that lasts for longer.


  • Smart LED chip
  • Dust-proof and waterproof
  • 50,000 hours lifespan
  • Premium aviation aluminum
  • Ultra-thin design
  1. New Osram Chips 110W 5×7 Inch Led Headlights 7×6 Led Sealed Beam Headlamp with High Low Beam H6054 6054 Led Headlight Replacement for Jeep YJ Cherokee XJ H5054 H6054LL 6052 6053 2 Pcs (B07BWBRDJ5)

These are a trendy set of LED headlights for your Cherokee XJ. The headlights are easy to install on most cars.

They will hugely help in increasing the brightness of your regular factory headlights and fit on an array of cars even beyond the XJ.

It Comes with both low-and high-beams and is created using premium Osram chip LED lights.

These headlights are highly rated as they offer superb brightness, are easy to install and are durable.

Although the lights are a bit more expensive for LED headlights, they are worthy of investing in.

The headlights can make the Jeep Cherokee hardly drivable during the night to hardly tell apart the difference between day and night driving.

It comes with more state-of-the-art Osram LED chips, which are a lot durable and brighter than stock headlights or other models.

5600lm on low beam, 8000lm on high beam and 6000K pure white light.

The cutoff is straight and quite sharp. It will not blind other road users like other headlights.

  1. SEALIGHT H11/H8/H9 LED Headlight Bulbs 15000lm, Laxmas L2 Series Low Beam/Fog Light, 360-degree Illumination, 400% Brightness, 6000K Daylight Effect, Canbus Error Free, Easy Installation, Pack of 2 (B07Q24LVDM)

This headlight bulb’s ultra-slim design will make the most of the concentration of light that greatly improves the reflector style headlights’ shining output.

The L2 outputs sufficient light to provide 400 percent brightness in comparison to halogens, thanks to its unique 360-degree design. This lets you see further and offering higher reflectivity.

Forget your dim yellow halogen bulbs ad get these super-focused bright headlights. The daytime optics offer greater visibility and also provides your vehicle additional style

The newest non-incorporated design is compact and uses an aluminum heat sink and turbofan for highly efficient cooling, and also has a driver for improved performance


  • The distinct 360-degree design offers a 400 percent brightness than a halogen bulb
  • You get super-efficient cooling thanks to an aluminum heat sink and integrated turbo fan
  • Has daytime optics that provides greater visibility
  • These lights make the golf cart safer in all weather. They provide your car with a higher visibility level to other road users and anybody around the gold cart in low-light conditions. Driving without this headlight is not only difficult, but it is also hazardous.
  • These headlights make your cart more functional, safe and usable. These headlights fit all 1993 and up Club Car DS, Turf/ pioneer, and Carryall Utility/Golf/ Industrial Carts. If you want to replace an aftermarket headlight model, these might need hood alteration.
  1. Philips 42302C1 D3S Standard Xenon HID Headlight Bulb, 1 Pack (B008BRJ712)

This headlight bulb generates twice as much as a halogen bulb but uses up less power. It provides drivers with improved visibility while letting the car save electricity for other uses.

With two times the amount of light, you will be able to see hindrances quickly. These lights provide you with up to a full second more time to cope with road hazards safely at freeway speeds.

Each of these bulbs has a different rating based on the intended use. For instance, The D1S and D2R bulbs have a rating of 35 watts and 85 volts, with the D1S providing 3350 lumens at a color temperature of 4200K.

The D2R, in the meantime, has a rating of 3000 lumens, with the color temperature being the same.

Ensure that when you compare different items, you check out the manufacturer’s site for specifications instead of depending on the retailer’s site’s precise information.

When buying a replacement headlight bulb, ensure the box has a COA (Philips Certificate of Authenticity). Simply go to a website or scan the QR code to check the product’s authenticity.


  • Premium product
  • Reliable


  • Many fake product products; ensure you are purchasing from a reliable retailer


  • Make sure you replace in pairs to make sure there’s a symmetric light beam
  • Dot compliant
  • For the most dependable performance, it has original equipment quality seal
  1. SEALIGHT 9005/HB3 High Beam 9006/HB4 Low Beam LED 14000LM Headlight Bulbs Combo Package CSP Chips 6000K Cool White (B07K43XKDF)

These bulbs will generate a cool xenon bright beam. Additionally, you will have an even beam and excellent visibility while you drive through the night roads.

Furthermore, the headlights generate up to 6000K daytime color temperature. Most common cars will work well with the universal fit design of these headlight bulbs.

The high beam will provide greater beam output to provide even and free from glare light.

Additionally, the headlight bulbs are the perfect choice to many yellow or dim stock bulbs.

Moreover, the headlights generate the same amount of light to traditional halogen bulbs.

Other drivers will bet no-blinding, free from glare, and uniform beam. Each pair generates a brightness output of 1200 lumens.

The heat sink design will help cool the LED systems and provide a prolonged lifespan.


  • Dark spots are gotten rid of thanks to the LED chips equivalent lamp filament design
  • These headlight bulbs help maintain safety during driving as they don’t blind oncoming traffic


  • Effective performance thanks to state-of-the-art technology
  • Improved compatible design for a comfy experience
  • East-to-install design for the best comfort

Cars need to have the right headlights and should always be in the best condition.

Headlights will help you avoid any incidents, particularly when you’re in dim-illuminated areas or driving late during the night.

Headlights are an important component of vehicles. Due to their significance, you should not overlook them. Ensuring they stay clean from debris is particularly essential.

Also, if your vehicle is several years old, this is the best time to change the headlights. Proactive maintenance will enhance night driving and keep you away from getting a ticket from the traffic police.

Like home lights, headlights are changing as well. Newer models come with LED or high-intensity/xenon/-intensity bulbs.

The latest technology is letting manufacturers generate brighter and more efficient bulbs.

That is the reason why it’s essential that you get the right type of car headlights. In this article, you’ll be able to choose the best LED headlight bulbs to suit your needs.

Advantages of LED headlights

80% more efficient

The best LED headlights for cars and trucks can help preserve and protect your car’s battery, which can ensure it lasts longer.

Lasting 5 times more than halogens

The best ones last 30,000 hours or more. In comparison, you will have to change 5 or more of these bulbs for one LED bulb.

More affordable over time

While the best types might be expensive, you will be able to save ultimately as you will not have to change the LED regularly.

Brighter than halogens

The ideal LED headlight conversion kit provides the best performance in comparison with halogen lights that might come with light beams that have dark spots or look foggy.

Lighting the road better

When driving during the night, LED lights will let you see the road well than halogen bulbs. In addition, they come with anti-glare features.

Easy installation

Generally, it will take twenty minutes or less to install LEDs on many trucks, SUVs, and cars.

Remember your other lights:

It is important that you remember your car’s other lights to ensure they are in working properly.


These emit red light to help you identify other cars driving in front of you.

Day running light

These make drivers work simpler as they are able to see you even on nice, sunny, bright days.

Turn signals

Remember to use them! It will help other drivers understand what you are doing. Keep in mind that other drivers cannot read your mind.

Brake lights

Remember to look at your third brake light that might be installed on the center of the tailgate or trunk.

Hazard lights

While not used regularly, these are essential. Inspect your car to ensure you know where it’s located.

Driving/fog lights

They are mounted in your car’s lower front and offer extra light in bad driving conditions. The lights turn off when you turn on the bright beams.

Types of headlights

Smoked headlights

Smoked headlight has become a popular trend to car manufacturers to enhance the cars’ appearance. Everybody wants to modify their cars to keep up with the market standards.

At times, we observe cars exchange high power that slowly originates from the headlight rays.

To minimize the light power, you can smoke both the headlights, which also enhances your vehicle’s outer look.

The smoked headlights’ invention is one of the greatest approaches to improving the outlook and reducing excessive headlight power without substituting it with an alternative light.

That sounds like a great idea, right? However, it is important to note that before making the decision to smoke headlights, check the traffic rules and restrictions in your country.

It is advisable to seek legal authorization before deciding to smoke headlights, just to be on the safe side.

If you are looking to get your headlights smoked, you can look into the pros and cons listed below and weigh your options.


  • It enhances your car’s outer appearance
  • Minimizes excessive power/light from the car
  • You need not replace your headlight to reduce excessive light
  • It is a show of creativity in the automotive industry
  • The headlight blends into your car design

Spec d headlights

If you are into performance, you’re probably familiar with Spec-D products. They have the best performance in the market and continually improve their products to exceed customers’ expectations.

For confidence, while driving, you need a clear vision of the road, which means proper lighting.

Spec-D headlights together with LEDs, projector, and halo rings light up dark roads so you may see other drivers and vice versa.

In addition, with various options from the newest designs, you can have your car looking fashionable. Also, they have under car LED and neon lights in various colors fancy for the cruise nights.

There are 3 categories of Spec-D headlights;

  • Spec-D projector headlights
  • Spec-D halo headlights
  • Spec-D fog headlights

Spec-D projector headlights 

The majority of the Spec-D headlights have an in-built projector lens feature for the low beam. Spec-D headlights focus light emanating from the bulb, which is the source of light.

If you wish to have this type of headlight, ensure you are using the right bulb for proper visibility and safety.

Spec-D halo headlights

Spec-D halo headlights are slowly gaining popularity. This is because installing halo headlights is a cost-efficient way to modify the frontal of any car.

These headlights apply two primary technologies that are the LED and CCFL.

Spec-D fog headlights 

As the name suggests, these headlights improve visibility during adverse weather conditions such as during fog.

As among the leading manufacturers in after marketing headlights, Spec-D has a range of styles and designs for fog lights.

It is advisable to adjust the fog lights accurately so they may serve their purpose in harsh weather.

350z headlights

In terms of performance, 350Z has one of the most significant product performances. A well-balanced framework and adequate lighting give you an easy driving experience.

In addition, 350z headlights appeal to the exterior of your car to create a unique look. It is sharp-angled and vertically stretched to give it a smooth, aggressive look.

Aside from its aesthetic properties, 350z headlights use halogen and HID bulbs for bright light output. For extra brightness, go for the HID conversion kits, while for durability; go for the LED conversion kits.

Finally, 350z headlights are an ideal choice as it maintains the car’s original look and illumination.

There are 2 major generations of the 350z headlights;

  • The 2003 – 2005 350z
  • The 2006 – 2009 350z

F150 headlights

The correct set of F150 headlights will not only give your car that unique look you want but also make it a center of attraction.

F150 headlights come in various designs, including LED, projector lenses, halos, and other exclusive styles.

What does the F150 headlight do for your car? 

There are many misconceptions about the F150 headlights. Let’s get to understand what really this particular headlight does for you.

Light output 

Even though the F150 headlights enhance your vehicle’s appearance, they don’t do much in terms of light output. Most of these headlights come with halogen bulbs for both high and low beams.

They neither damage nor improve brightness or visibility. To get a good light output, get an LED or HID conversion kit, which works better with projector lenses.

Purpose of projector Lenses Most aftermarket F150 headlights come with projector lenses for either the low beams or low and high beams.

Projectors use an enclosed light gathering and an outer lens to capture the light. It is after that turned to a more focused beam with a longer range compared to a reflector.

Although the light output isn’t much different from a standard reflector, there is an illusion of a loss in output due to the beam focus and the cut off. An LED or HID conversion kit can change this effect.

Recon headlights

Recon manufactures are among the best when it comes to replacement and aftermarket lighting products for modern cars. One of their major accessories is their recon headlights.

To achieve its target of being the top manufacturer of aftermarket and replacement lighting products, the company continually produces efficient, reliable, and unique headlights.

With the headlights come the high-quality bulbs that provide bright light to enhance your road vision.

There are 3 main types of Recon headlights bulbs:

  • Recon LED headlights bulbs
  • Recon HID headlights bulbs
  • Recon Xenon headlights bulbs

Recon HID headlight bulbs 

The energy of a Recon HID bulb is 35-Watt. HID bulbs are famous for their brightness which covers large miles.

Moreover, these headlights are water-resistant and are also able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Recon LED headlight bulbs

Energy from a Recon LED headlight bulb is between to 30-Watt and 40-Watt. There are many benefits that come with choosing the Recon LED headlight bulbs.

One, they consume less power from your battery. Two, they are brighter compared to halogen bulbs, and finally, they last for a very long period.

Recon Xenon headlights bulbs

Recon Xenon headlight bulbs come in a variety of colors, such as white, blue, and yellow. These headlights are brighter than LED lights and offer the ultimate visibility.

Moreover, they are fast and easy to install, making them a favorable option. Each bulb from a set of Recon Xenon bulb provides 11,000 hours of operating time.

Big headlights

Big headlights are popular among most car manufacturers. This is because big headlights come with powerful brightness that enhances night-time visibility for drivers making the roads safe.

The common belief is the brighter the light, the better the vision. While this may be true for the car driver, it may not be favorable for the oncoming drivers.

The dazzling light may be blinding to the oncoming driver posing a great risk for you.

The problem with bright light

Eye specialists also agree that bright light on roads blinds the oncoming driver making it difficult for them to see, thus increasing the risk of road accidents.

The explanation behind this is the disability glare phenomenon. In this case, the cornea and the driver’s eye lens weaken with age; hence, directing bright light into their eye makes them suffer from this condition.

Research shows that it may take up to 10 seconds to recover after this occurrence. This time span is adequate for the oncoming driver to cause an accident since they cannot see what’s ahead of them.

Solution for drivers 

Drivers can choose to purchase special clear glasses with a coating on the lens to absorb ultra-violet light, hence preventing night glare.

Other preventative steps:

Clean your car’s windscreen if dirty both on the inside and the outside. Dust will cause retraction of light, which makes it even harder to see.

Ensure your car headlights are properly so that the light produced isn’t too bright. Check the bulbs often, so they are not aged and dull with time.

Eagle eyes headlights

With the increasing number of accidents worldwide, eagle eyes headlights are critical in ensuring public safety by minimizing accidents.

Having an effective pair of eagle eyes headlights increases the driver’s reaction time to prevent road tragedies. Also, the crystal clear lenses of an eagle eye headlight facilitate a brighter, uniform, and focused light that enhances vision when it is dark.

The light brightness is adequate for an oncoming driver to spot you and also for you to see any unexpected obstacle in the dark like corners and potholes and move past them with ease.

The eagle eye headlight also enhances vision during extreme weather conditions, making it easy for you to see amidst the fog, rain, or snow.

Moreover, they have polycarbonate plastic lenses, which enable them to withstand extreme weather conditions without any breakage, making them reliable and resilient.

They are applicable not only in cars but also in motorcycles, trains, and bicycles.

Features of Eagle eyes headlights 

  • They are available in various colors like yellow, white, red, green, and blue.
  • They come in various shapes, sizes, and designs.
  • They are Waterproof
  • Have black housing.
  • 1.5 Watt for LED lights.


  • Eagle eyes headlights provide maximum visibility when driving your vehicle for you and the oncoming driver.
  • Have improved visibility during extreme weather conditions.
  • The headlights are of affordable prices.
  • They are easy to clean when stained with dust.

Low beam headlights

Low beam headlights illuminate a small area ahead of you around 200 feet.

Normally, low beams focus their rays on the ground, hence minimizing the amount of light directed into the eyes of an oncoming driver in the dark.

This makes it safe for both drivers because your lights aren’t blinding to the other.

The purpose of low beam headlights:

Low beam headlights are ideal for driving in traffic. This is due to the low light emission and the direction of the light.

The main aim is to provide you adequate light to see what’s ahead of you and where you are going without blinding oncoming drivers.

When driving in extreme weather such as rain, fog, and heavy snow, use low beam headlights. Directing light towards the ground works well in getting through such conditions of low visibility.

Driving with low Beam Headlights on

Every country has several regulations when using these headlights at daytime. We are aware these are not necessary for us to see during the day.

You may be wondering why there are regulations on using these headlights at daytime.

Research shows at daytime provide increased visibility for other drivers. This makes it easier for other drivers to see you during the day, especially on a busy traffic road.

At night, it is only natural that you turn on the headlights so you can see. We can also make it a habit to turn on the low beam headlights during the day for others to see us better.

It is a simple act of turning on the headlights that can make us safer. Do not ignore!

Blue headlights

Traditionally, most cars had yellow headlights, but now the blue headlights are becoming more popular.

Some cars come from the factory with blue headlights, while in other situations; the car owner installs the system themselves.

The factory blue headlights are also known as the High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights. As the name suggests, these headlights are brighter than ordinary halogen headlights.

Most ordinary headlights consist of white light that is a blend of all the rainbow colors.

The blue lights still comprise a blend of the other colors but have more blue wavelengths making them appear bluer to the human eye.

The blue headlight and fog

Having blue light in foggy conditions worsens visibility.

Fog comprises water particles suspended in the air. The blue light scatters off the water particles effectively than regular headlights.

The reason for this is that short wavelengths have the ability to scatter off the water and air particles better than long wavelengths.

From the wavelength chart, blue light has a very short wavelength, hence the ability to scatter compared to longer wavelengths like red.

When this happens, blue light hits the water particles and bounces back to our eyes, making it difficult to see through the fog.

It will also increase the brightness for other drivers since the blue light bounces off the light to their eyes.

There are still some smaller wavelengths for regular headlights that scatter the fog particles, though longer wavelengths are more than the shorter ones.

This enables more light to get through the fog, making the vision a bit clearer.

Yellow headlights

Yellow headlights were common in cars from the early 1900s to the present day.

The application of yellow lights throughout the years raises the question, is yellow lights merely an ornamental piece, or is there a reasonable explanation for its continued use?

The answer is that the application of yellow lights is for safety reasons.

The primary purpose of yellow headlights: 

The aim of having yellow headlights is to enhance nighttime visibility by eliminating blue to violet colors from the wavelength spectrum.

The science behind the application of yellow lights:

Looking at the color spectrum, the wavelength of the yellow light is longer than the blue to violet colors.

The general rule is, the shorter the wavelength, the more difficult it is for the human eye to see. From the wavelength chart, yellow to red colors are perfect for night vision.

In extreme weather like rain, fog, or snow, having a blue or white light causes a glaring effect that affects the ability to see.

The yellow light doesn’t reflect off the water like the blue light; hence, it provides a clearer vision of the road.

How to get yellow headlights:

The simplest way to change clear headlights to yellow is to apply yellow vinyl film over them. Even though there will be better visibility in extreme weather, there will be a general 12% loss in brightness.

The advantage of this process is that you can change to its original form if you’re not contented with the outcome.

Color changing headlights

Color changing headlights are popular car accessories. These headlights can change to various colors such as yellow, white, red, blue, green, and others.

In most states, these headlights are not allowed for road use in some cases. Yellow and white lights are ideal for driving because they provide adequate visibility.

However, other colors are not permitted due to their low visibility, which may be dangerous for road use.

Nonetheless, color changing headlights have an aesthetic appeal that gives your car a flashy look. This headlight uses LED bulbs to enhance performance.

Initially, color changing headlights were only controlled using a remote. Improvement of technology has made color-changing headlights operation easier.

You can control your color changing headlights with an application and Bluetooth from your smartphone. You can change the look of your color-changing headlight with a click of a button.

The app control has four different control modes;

Color mode:

In this mode, you have unlimited color options to select from, so you directly control your headlights’ colors.

Fade mode:

Fade mode controls the speed of the fade to allow you to change to another color. It allows you to phase in and out of multiple colors. You can also preset the colors your headlights will change to in between.

Sound activation mode:

With this mode, you can control your lights with the type of music you are listening to.

Strobe mode:

Using the strobe mode option, you can get a strobe-light effect with a variety of color options.

Tinted headlights

Car enthusiasts love to have their cars standing out from the rest, and having your car looking unique boosts your confidence as well.

This requires you to invest in your car’s exclusive look, which might need you to dig a little deeper into your pockets. The result is, however, worth every cent.

Tinted headlights are one of the ways to improve your car’s appearance. This has become one of the most popular options for car owners.

Nonetheless, before deciding on this, here are some pros and cons of tinted headlights.


  • Tinted headlights enhance your car’s appearance, as stated above. It gives your car a sporty yet stylish look. Furthermore, there are a variety of colors you can select for tinting.
  • Tinting lights keep them looking good and new. After some time, car lights wear out and turn yellow or dull. This is as a result of exposure to sun UV rays and dust. Having tinted lights prevents this damage and maintains its original visibility.
  • Tinting headlights allows you to showcase your creativity and style. It is a way of expressing yourself, thus giving you a fulfilling feeling.
  • Tinting your car lights also improve visibility in some instances. One, tinting lights with a clear film, maintains original visibility for an extended period. Two, tinting fog lights with yellow color enhances visibility in harsh weather conditions.

HID vs led headlights

Headlights are very important when driving, especially at night. As part of your regular car maintenance, it is critical to take time and inspect your headlights.

However, it is surprising how some people wait till the lights go out before they can upgrade their headlights.

When it comes to upgrading the headlights, you have two choices; the HID or the LED. The question is which is the better option?

This article compares the two types of lights, stating their unique qualities as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

By the end of this article, you’ll probably have decided which of the two is best for you.

HID Headlights

Also referred to as Xenon headlights, HID headlights produce a bright white-blue glow after the filament’s heating. The glow comes from the use of rare metals and gas.

Its first use was with a BMW and since then has earned the label of the finest headlight choice from most car manufacturers.As a matter of fact, brightness is currently a requirement in the safety regulations.

HID lights are a little more energy-efficient than and thrice as bright as the halogen lights. This light option is expensive compared to halogen lights, but the price seems to be worth it due to its increased popularization.

LED Headlights

Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs don’t function with a filament, contrary to the HID lights.

Instead, current transfer is through a semi-conductor leading to the emission of photons that produce light. In recent years, LED lights have become more popular than halogen lights.

LED headlights are pricey due to the extra fans and heat sinks for cooling purposes. The cool temperature makes it environment-friendly and can operate for a longer period.

Nonetheless, this makes it hard to fit the LED lights in a traditional halogen headlight in the installation process.

Differences Between LED and HID

Durability and Lifetime:

The biggest advantage of using LED headlights is that they can operate for 20,000 while an HID headlight can operate for 5,000 hours.

With this, you barely need to replace them. Furthermore, LED lights don’t have small or moving parts that can break, making them more durable than HID lights.


On the market, HID lights are the brightest headlights, brighter than both LED and halogen bulbs. In fact, the area covered by a LED headlight is only a third of the area covered by HID headlights.

Improper installation of the HID headlights can reflect too much light on oncoming drivers and can be very dangerous. Always have the headlights fixed by a professional.


While considering the cost of your headlights, take into account the long-term investment benefits you’ll receive with the upgrade.

The market price of a LED is higher compared to that of an HID light. Nevertheless, the LED functions at low temperatures and consume very little energy.

They can operate for a longer period, unlike the HID, which requires regular maintenance.


A conversion kit is necessary when switching from a halogen to either an HID or a LED. This is because none of them will fit well in the headlight housing element of a traditional bulb.

The size of a LED bulb is more compact compared to the HID bulb, which is larger.


LED headlights come in 4 colors, that is yellow, white, blue and purple. Most retailers provide only white LED headlight conversion kits.

For HID headlights, most retailers offer them in up to seven colors, with different shades of white, yellow, blue and purple.

Which is better?

Most people prefer HID headlights when it comes to upgrading. This is due to the fact that HIDs are more efficient and brighter than LEDs.

In addition, they are pocket-friendly if you are working on a tight budget. In the long run, most HID light users switch to LEDs because they are durable and economical.

What to choose depends on your needs. If you want a short-term solution, then HID lights are what you need.

However, if you are the type to plan into the future and prefer a long-term solution, invest in the LED headlights. It is worth the price.

Are led headlights legal?

Over the years, LED lights have become common in various technologies such as digital clocks, television, and car lights.

LED lights in cars are useful in applications such as fog lights, brake lights and headlights.

In recent times, LED headlights have generally increased in popularity. The main concern is the legality of using these particular bulbs.

The general rule is that upgrading to a LED if you currently have a halogen bulb is not road-legal.

It’s considered somewhat a headlight modification since you are switching from halogen technology to a LED technology.

Nevertheless, if you want a LED headlight upgrade for off-road use, it is easy to buy and install a good quality LED choice.

How to tell if my headlights are road legal?

The term road legal headlights refer to those that are legal to use on the roads. Each county has its own different laws on what makes the car headlights road legal.

However, there are general rules that you ought to follow to make sure that your headlights are legal. Some of the regulations are listed below.

The main aim when using your headlights is to have a clear visibility of items around 50 – 100 meters in front of you.

Your headlights should be adequately bright for your visibility but not too bright to blind other drivers.

There are also laws guiding on the color of your headlights. The law provides that the headlights be either white or yellow, irrespective of your country.

This is due to their brightness which gives a clear vision of the roads.

Legality of LED headlights

Theoretically, LED headlights sounds like a great idea. Nonetheless, due to its various challenges and complex nature, it is hard to find LED headlights that are safe and legal to use on the road.

This makes LED headlights not legal for road use. Even though LED headlights are not road legal, high-quality LED lights make them safe to use.

Below are some of the reasons why LED headlights are not road legal.

Most people love the LED headlights due to their long-lifespan and also make your car look sophisticated.

Nevertheless, when purchasing the LED headlights, buy from reputable brands. The major challenge with cheaper online LED bulbs is that they may be too bright.

The law only requires adequate light for visibility but not headlights that are too bright.

Excessive brightness can be problematic to other drivers when the high beams reflect off the rearview mirror or an oncoming driver on a dark, deserted road.

Another challenge with LED headlights is their positioning angle. Drivers who switch from halogen bulbs to LED may not align the new headlights correctly.

It is important to realign your bulbs if you purchase the LED to avoid the risk of blinding oncoming drivers.

This is unlike replacing halogen bulbs with an HID, which requires a conversion kit to place the bulbs in the right position.

Also, it is important to note that most LED headlights need a CAN bus control unit to aid in proper functioning.

Headlight brands

Morimoto headlights

Morimoto, established in 2008, has transformed the automotive lighting industry. The company manufactures products of high-quality with high brightness and is durable.

If you are looking to upgrade your dim headlights, Morimoto has got you covered, from HID systems, HID bulbs, LED headlight assemblies, LED bulbs and many others. Morimoto guarantees you perfect lighting during the night.

Morimoto headlights are probably one of the best in the market. They not only increase visibility during the night but also in fog, snow and rain.

They are equipped with LEDs and advanced projector-based optics to offer a high light output and a well-distributed beam pattern.

Morimoto headlights value your safety by ensuring you can clearly see the road and other motorists can spot you as well.

They are also DOT approved, further assuring of their safety. In addition, Morimoto headlights are easy to install, as they are plug & play without any additional resistors needed.

All you do is plug them into the factory connectors, and that’s it!

Morimoto headlights are not only stunning in performance but also in appearance. They enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.

These headlights are outstanding in every way; incredible performance, stylish, powerful and also long-lasting. Moreover, its fit and finishing are unmatched compared to other manufacturers.

You can also opt for the Morimoto HID headlights instead of the LEDs. They produce a high-intensity light that can light up the darkest nights.

The installation process is similarly quick and easy as no modification is necessary. Morimoto headlights are a worthwhile investment.

Spyder headlights

To-quality treatment is all your speed racer needs, and when it comes customization, Spyder headlights are the best choice.

You can use this superb upgrade to spice up the front-end of your car and enjoy the best lights and modified style each time you are on the road.

Whether you would like to trade those dull stock bulbs or want a new set of customized headlights, Spyder headlights offer the ideal solution.

These premium lights are custom-made to fasten directly in place of the stock headlights. You do not need to rewire, solder or splice for the majority of cars.

The reason being, these headlights plug directly into the factory wiring harness.

Alpharex headlights

Alpharex is a fairly new product in the automotive aftermarket industry. They have become popular for their unique headlights that come in a variety of colors.

In terms of performance, they may not perform as well as the Morimoto LED headlights though it is definitely worth your money.

Alpharex headlight features:

Lighting bulbs

The headlights use H7 halogen bulbs for low beam and also an H7 halogen bulb for high beam. You can upgrade them with LED bulbs for clear visibility on the roads for a high light output.

Moreover, the headlights come with a DRL light tube.


Alpharex headlights come with a chrome, shiny midnight black or matte black housing. The chrome housing gives a standard look that blends with your car if you have several chrome accessories.

The black housing gives your vehicle a sporty look and blends with any car color. The shiny midnight black adds a glossy finishing that gives your car a luxury look.


The lenses of alphaRex headlight are normally made of polycarbonate plastic. In addition, they smear a layer of an anti-fog agent on the lens to enhance visibility in harsh weather.

On top of that, they add another coating to safeguard the lenses from oxidation and yellowing.


These headlights offer a plug-n-play direct replacement for your vehicle. You will have to include the DRL module in the package because of the DRL feature.

There is no need for modification during installation, hence the headlights are easily removable when need be.

Tacoma headlights

Tacoma headlights are now improved with a modern, stylish look. They come in various styles and customized tastes. They are also designed to bring more color and radiance.

You can choose to have your Tacoma headlight as crystal clear, black clear and JDM black. Moreover, they are durable and reliable.

For the aftermarket Tacoma headlights, they come preassembled in pairs for easy installation. The Installation process is plug and play, simply remove the dull OEM headlights and install the new Tacoma headlights.

Tacoma headlights are perfect for crazy rough road adventures. They are strong and built to withstand rough roads.

They also provide adequate light to illuminate the road during the night. You can also upgrade your Tacoma headlights with LED light, which is now available in the market, for a brighter light output.

Tacoma headlights use either high or low beams for different driving conditions. This makes it suitable to drive in extreme weather conditions such as fog, rain and snow without difficulty.

When purchasing headlights, it is important to select an option that is a perfect fit for your truck. That means you get lights specific for your Tacoma model and the year you have as well.

This will give you an easy time fitting the headlights. They are quite easy to install. Also, get the best high-quality Tacoma headlights to get the best performance.

With this, you can enjoy all the benefits that come with this particular headlight.

Vland headlights

Vland headlights are among the top quality headlights in the market. Their popularity is due to their exceptional qualities and performance.

There are various categories of this headlight; halogen, LED, and HID. These lighting systems give Vland headlight the strong lighting property that is not only visible during the day but also visible at night.

In addition, this headlight improves the general look of the car.

Vland headlights come with many benefits that appeal to the buyers.

Why choose Vland headlights 

  1. Improves visibility during both day and night

The use of LED and HID bulbs provides a high light output. The brightness makes it easier for one to see during the day and the night, as stated above.

Moreover, the lighting is sufficient for all types of weather, including harsh weather.

  1. Long-lasting

This is a very critical feature most buyers look at. Vland headlights are durable and can serve you for a long time.

Furthermore, they are strong enough to withstand harsh weather. This feature makes them cost-efficient as you don’t have to keep on replacing them.

  1. Guaranteed safety 

The high-intensity light makes it possible for you to see the road and what’s ahead; at the same time, oncoming can easily see you. This promotes safety for all road users by preventing avoidable accidents.

  1. Easy installation

Installation of Vland headlights are a direct plug and play, making the process quick and easy.

  1. Enhances the car’s appearance

All drivers take pride in their car’s appearance. In that light, Vland headlights comes in various styles, giving your car a unique modern look that makes your car stand out.

Akkon headlights

Akkon is a new brand in the automotive light industry. This brand manufactures the best light products while still considering performance, safety and style.

Their products are of high-quality, durable and affordable.

When it comes to Akkon headlights, they not only give your car an exquisite look but are also useful in replacing broken lights. The headlights are highly recommended and available for a variety of vehicles.

Why choose Akkon headlights 

  • They offer a good upgrade in performance.
  • They are quite affordable.
  • They fit well in most types of cars.
  • They appeal to the appearance of your car
  • What makes Akkon headlights reliable?
  • It is a trusted brand

Akkon, although fairly new, is among one of the highly-rated brands in the market. Their products have proved to be of high quality and worth the cost.

Effective performance and fashionable 

Akkon headlights are stylish and classy. Most of these headlights have white LED lights that make them stand out from other brands.

Moreover, white light is suitable when it comes to driving. It is bright and enables drivers to see the roads no matter the weather.

Long-Lasting and reliable 

Akkon headlights are strong, waterproof, resistant to dirt, heat and impact. These qualities make the headlights reliable, long-lasting and safe for use.

Moreover, they have certification from DOT and SAE, which means they have approval for their manufacturing materials.

Easy installation

For most aftermarket automotive lights, you need to drill or modify the holes during installation. However, for akkon headlights, they require no modification or drilling.

This makes the installation process quick and simple.

Jeep headlights

Your Jeep’s headlights are among the most critical safety feature of your car.

To keep your headlights effective is always a matter of replacing bulbs that burn out, though sometimes the issue may be bigger.

For example, when the jeep headlight assembly begins to leak or you hit something hard on the road.

No matter the headlight problem, do not postpone or ignore the need to replace your headlight because you may be risking your life and that of others.

Features of the Jeep headlights come in a round or rectangular shape. There are also a variety of these headlights; the traditional headlights for those looking to maintain the common lights, the high-tech projector headlights, halogen lights and LEDs.

These qualities enhance the functionality of your Jeep. The Jeep LED headlight provides a high light output to improve your road clarity.

The headlights also appeal to the looks of your car’s interior.

The installation process is not that hard; all you need is to remove the old headlight assembly, remove the disconnectors at the back and replace it with the new one.

You can find a suitable price for your Jeep headlights aftermarket upgrade. Before you purchase the headlights, ensure you find one for your Jeep’s make, model and year.

This is necessary for compatibility purposes so that you do not have a hard time fitting in the new headlight to your Jeep.

BMW headlights

BMW models boast of having it all, be it performance, durability, class and comfort. Most of the BMW headlights come preassembled for easy installation.

These headlights are effective in their function depending on the type of light. If you do not like the halogen lights for your BMW, you can resort to LED or HID lights for a brighter light output.

They are also stylish and add a glamorous feel to your car’s frontal.


  • BMW HID headlights are brighter than halogen yet very effective and resilient.
  • BMW HID can either come as a trim or can come as an aftermarket with an HID kit. You can always check to confirm if your BMW comes with HID or not.

First, xenon lights are normally white or blue and are way brighter than halogen bulbs.

In addition, HID are usually projector headlights hence you cannot be able to see the bulb in an HID headlight. Finally, check your manual if your BMW has stock headlights.

It is important to confirm with your dealer when getting an HID kit to avoid making your car not road legal.


Nowadays, most BMW models come with a standard LED headlight. However, you can always go for the adaptive LED lights.

BMWs Adaptive LED Headlights are BMW’s are something to take pride in.

They are outstanding in that they are standard headlights in the lavish 7&8 series with laser light technology as an option. It is needless to say they are up to standard in terms of performance.

Toyota tundra headlights

Toyota is among the most trusted manufacturers in the automotive industry. Tundra is one of the best trucks from Toyota manufacturers.

It is a powerful pick-up truck since 1999 to date. The major challenge with this truck has always been the lighting system. They come with halogen bulbs though you can upgrade to LED or HID bulbs.

Hid and led light upgrade

This may be the first major upgrade you’d want to make considering the lighting system available. OEM housing replacements have been quite common with this model.

The OEM upgrades fit in well and give the finishing a natural look. The latest models of Toyota Tundra come with the option for upgraded headlight housing with in-built LEDs. This should keep you going for around two to five years.

If you get a lower trim, it is still possible to upgrade to the LED lights with an aftermarket upgrade.

The available aftermarket Toyota Tundra headlights improve the functionality and appeals to the appearance of your truck.

Moreover, the headlights are plug-and-play with a perfect fit that matches your car. There are also headlight upgrade products such as LED and HID conversion kits, lights, and bulbs for the Toyota Tundra headlights.

The HID conversion kit has a brighter light output that comes with a variety of color and light patterns to choose from.

The LED conversion kit has a more efficient and stable lumen value. The conversion is easy to implement without any additional components.

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