Review Of The Best Car Winches Available for different car models

A car winch is the best working tool important for towing heavy car like SUVs, trailers, or even trucks. The best car winch has nylon ropes and heavy-duty steel cables or hooks for pulling the cars and loads from anyplace they are stuck.

Many car trailer winch size brands have a wireless remote control for efficient running the winch at a distance away.

The tool’s strong material helps to enhance the rotational force of this tool to pull hefty loads of up to 600 kg.

So, if you like traveling off-road in the car, buying a car winch is the best option.


5 best rated Car winches in the market today for different car models

  1. ZEAK 3500 lb. Advanced 12V DC Electric Winch, Off Road Waterproof, Synthetic Rope, Mount, for Sports car, ATV (B07PLJ6TD5)

This is a heavy-duty model with a huge load capacity of 3500lb. The ZEAK’s permanent magnet motor also has 12-volt power.

This will make sure it drives a strong and steady pull. This winch has a dependable brake system to help stop the rope from sliding when loading.

Furthermore, this electric winch features a powder-coated surface, which makes it resistant to corrosion.

It has a robust and reliable hawse fairlead and 1/4 inches x 50 feet for a smooth towing process.

This model has a weather-sealed solenoid, three-stage planetary gear train, circuit breaker for safety, and dynamic brake.

This means you can control the full process of winching without any issue. This winch is made for powerful and reliable winching with the ATV or UTV.

Furthermore, it has a hawse fairlead and 2.3 feet handlebar rocker for a comfortable and secure winching experience.


  • Dynamic break provides the best control
  • Durable synthetic rope
  • Three-stage planetary gear train
  • Safety thanks to circuit breaker
  • 2-year warranty
  • Good for UTVs / ATVs
  • Elements are kept out thanks to the IP67 waterproof sealing
  • Resists corrosion thanks to its metal construction with black-powder-coated finishing

  1. WARN 885000 PullzAll Corded 120V AC Portable Electric Winch with Steel Cable: 1/2 Ton (1,000 Lb) Pulling Capacity (B0043OV0IA)

This car winch is basically distinct in terms of different variations since its portable. The portability is attributed to the cordless feature.

It has a 1,000 lbs pulling capacity, which is achievable because of its powerful 24 Volt motor. The winch is very compact too.

An important feature of this model is the multiple spooling speed choices. These let you reel the wire in or out, depending on their preferred speed.

This UTV winch has a PullzAll vehicle charger, PullzAll gear pack, PullzAll sling, and a PullzAll apparatus link.

This winch comes with a weight of 18.5 lbs, and the components of the same are 19x10x11 inches.


  • Wire rope tension plate
  • It is lightweight to help you move or lift objects
  • 1,000 lb pulling/lifting capacity will deal with heavy-duty tasks
  • It runs on 120 Volt AC power


  • Multiple choices for line speed
  • The best winch
  • User-friendly remote control function
  • Affordable

  1. WARN 92000 Vehicle Mounted 2000 Series 12V DC Electric Utility Winch with Steel Cable: 1 Ton (2,000 lb) Pulling Capacity (B00ID981Z6)

If you want a compact winch to carry with you when traveling by a small car, this is the best option.

This winch is designed in a compact size, so it is smooth and comfy to mount in a tight area. It is powerful, and you will be able to tow a 2000 pound load.

This winch works fast and well to save time thanks to its permanent 1.6 HP magnet DC motor. It weighs 19.4 pounds, which makes moving to carry quite convenient and easy.

The winch is compatible with many power adaptors as it links to a 12V adaptor.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • It weighs only 19.4 pounds
  • It has a 35 feet rope
  • The winch can pull a 2000 pound weight

  1. FieryRed Electric Winch – 13000 lb. Load Capacity Synthetic Rope winchesFit for Jeep, Truck, SUV, Trailer with Wireless Remote & Corded Control (B08J6TTZP8)

It is hard to tell when your 4×4 might get stuck if you’re on an excursion. However, fortunately, this winch is one that you can depend on when you encounter these mucky issues.

This winch has a three-stage planetary gear system and a 6.0 HP series wound motor. It is also designed with heavy-duty steel with powder coating, which is resistant to corrosion.

It will offer a huge 13,000lbs pulling capacity that can help your truck, Jeep, 4×4 and SUV from the soil, mud, sand.

The winch also offers a multifunctional controller that incorporates both wireless and wired control (up to 30 meters).

This electric winch makes the task simpler to help you out of trouble. The LED function is also incorporated to make a recovery during the night simpler.

In addition, the trailer winch is sealed to IP-67 to put up with the invasion of moisture and rain, which ensures lasting functionality.


  • It comes with a matte black texture, and you can manually free spool the synthetic rope. In addition, the steel-reinforced drum lets you update to the steel cable.
  • The multifunctional remote that incorporates wireless and wired control features an LED light that’s made to help you recover your car during the night.
  • Designed with durable steel with powder coating, the winch is resistant to corrosion and winch cable rust. In addition, the synthetic rope has a 23,809 lbs breaking strength with an automatic brake made for ensuring a solid grip.
  • This winch is sealed to IP-67 rating for protecting all sensitive sections from water. The copper core terminal will effectively keep away rust, corrosion and oxidation, and have better conductivity.
  • A ratio of 265:1, with a three-stage planetary gear system and a 6.0 HP series wound motor, will offer a huge 13,000 lbs pulling capacity for recovering your truck, Jeep, 4×4 and SUV.


  • High breaking point rope
  • Operates at a breakneck speed
  • Moisture resistant
  • Surfaces of this winch are coated against corrosion


  • Very noisy

  1. Champion Power Equipment-14560 4500-lb. ATV/UTV Wireless Winch Kit (B00BKW444A)

A 12 Volts battery powers this model to provide a 4500lb maximum power rating. Champion is made for rescuing UTV and ATV with dependable power.

The dynamic braking system and the planetary gears function on a gear ratio of 180:1.

Additionally, this model features a mounting channel, wireless remote control, a galvanized aircraft grade cable with a roller fairlead, cables and a mini locker switch.

The winch is powerful thanks to its housing that houses permanent magnetic motors. Regular features you can get in this series include a rugged clevis hook and a free spooling clutch.

It comes with a 2-year warranty on bonus accessories and parts.

When you aren’t using this winch, it will automatically shut-off from the source of power to save battery life. You can mount it on ATV or other supported cars like SUV.

Overall, this winch is a superb choice for frequent users who do not require heavy-duty models. The winch is perfect for ATVs and some SUVs too.

Never use it lift or pull hefty loads since it might lead to breakage of the winch.


  • It comes with a dynamic brake system to help prevent the gear’s wear and tear.
  • The entire setup comes with a wiring kit with roller fairlead, wireless antenna and remote and mounting channel.
  • It auto shuts off when you are not using it, helping conserve the vehicle’s battery.
  • It is easy to operate this model from a 50 feet radius thanks to the wireless antenna and remote.


  • Preserves battery thanks to automatic shut-off mechanism
  • Wireless remote control
  • Two-year limited technical support and warranty
  • Features an integrated heavy-duty power contractor
  • 50 feet operating distance
  • Features a mountable rocker switch
  • Durable steel rope with minimal maintenance
  • Easy installation


  • Motor isn’t waterproof
  • Overheats regularly

What is a winch?

It is a simple mechanical machine that has two major sections, a crank and a spool. A cable or wire runs from the spool, with the end having a hook.

The cable or wire can be synthetic or steel material for durability.

In addition, some of these tools feature brakes for maintaining the tension and preventing slipping. You can use a remote device or hand to activate the winch.

You can operate a winch manually (with a hand crank), though the commonest one is powered by pneumatic, hydraulic, or electrical.

Additionally, some run with the help of the internal combustion system of the car.

Winch parts

The heart of a winch is the motor; this specially made mini-engine combines the “juice” with state-of-the-art hydraulics to generate the power required for pulling anything that requires pulling.

Usually, a motor is durable; however, do not expose it to extreme heat and do not take out its housing.

The winch’s drum section works by spinning strongly backwards. It is the lever that lets the winch control the cable.

The cables, conversely, manage and distribute the weight on the other line’s end.

Many truck winches are made to identify unexpected pressure inconsistencies and right away stop to prevent harming you in case the cable snaps.

The gear train is the motor’s partner; the powerful steel gears amplify the motor’s relative force to deliver huge amounts of pulling force, which transfers this power to the cables in the procedure.

The braking system is what gives you confidence when it comes time to haul a lot of weight.

If there’s an accident, you can stop the winch’s motion to carry out fast fixes, or in some cases, let go of the load to prevent damaging the car or the winch.

The work of the control system is to tell the mechanized winch which direction to pull. If your truck winch’s control system goes haywire, the car you are pulling may plunge back to the muddy embankment.

Make sure this part of the winch stays dry and safe always.

What should you know before purchasing a winch?

There are things you need to know before you buy a car winch. Making the right choice is much better than purchasing blindly and ending up with a below-par tool that will break down suddenly. Consider these when purchasing a car winch:

Not every car winch will fit

It is important that you measure the car and the trailer you’re using. There reason, being, some winches can be compatible with some cars and some won’t.

They might either be too hefty or too large to handle. You should measure and determine which car winch is compatible with the car.

Knowing the weight limit

This is certainly worth knowing as not every car winch is the same. Some can deal with heftier weights, while others can feature lighter limitations.

Regardless, it is essential to know your purpose or intention so you can find the best car winch to suit your needs.

Get a remote-controlled winch

Lots of winches have remote controls you can make use of to operate a car winch easily. Having said that, it’s best for safety, so you don’t risk injury.

In addition, it is better to keep your distance in the event something devastating takes place, such as when the winch cable unexpectedly breaks off.

When you require a winch

For many people, they install a winch for recreation. That’s why off-roaders like winches. However, are there any reasons why you would require one? Here are some:

  • Picture being in an accident that ruined the frame of your truck; if the winch is still working, it will help pull the truck on to the side of the road for simple recovery. Consider also doing the same thing if the truck begins; then it refuses to go in gear or ides due to the damage it has got.
  • Other uses for the winch include pulling the car onto a platform to move to transport to a repair center or pull other motorists to safety.
  • Keep in mind that you should not tow another car behind yours for a long period. Remember that this tool may overheat after being used for longer. Make sure you use the winch for a short time or let it cool down for the safety of everyone.

Purchasing the best car winch

Here are essential factors you need to consider when purchasing an electric car trailer winch.

  1. Manual vs hydraulic vs electric

Hydraulic winch

They are heavy-duty winches as they powered with hydraulic systems or pumps. A hydraulic winch is heavier and larger, and you can mainly use it to lift bulky items such as boat equipment or parts of a boat during repairs.

Manual winch

This requires the hand to switch on. The winch will need lots of effort for operating it, and therefore, it is appropriate to pull or lift light loads in home improvement projects, garages, auto-shops, or farming.

A car trailer hand winch is beneficial if you do not have a source of power.

Electric winch

These types drive the cable with the help of an electric motor. Twelve-volt batteries power this type, such as the one in the car; however, some use AC.

They often feature planetary gears to help raise the torque for high power for pulling. But they can’t beat a hydraulic winch performance.

  1. Length of cable

Usually, long cables are great as they let you tow the truck/car over long distances.

For example, a short cable won’t help if the truck gets stuck in the middle of a broad mud puddle and the nearest tree is at the boundary.

It is important that you get a winch that comes with a synthetic rope or cable that’s at least a 40-foot in length. But a winch intended for mounting a car features a shorter cable.

  1. Pulling capacity

A winch’s pulling/load capacity is the maximum weight it will cope with. A premium winch can pull 1500 lbs ; however, for home improvement, auto-shops, and other tasks, a capacity of 1000 lb or more is ideal.

You require a high-powered pulling capacity for trucks, which needs to be determined by your car’s weight.

  1. Mounting system

You should make sure the winch comes with a mounting base with holes so you can securely bolt it to the truck.

The mounting base should also be created with tough materials to prevent cracking or breaking when you winch.

Many times, manufacturers prefer the mounting base to have a steel material because of its durability.

  1. Steel cable vs synthetic rope

Steel cables do not fray easily, are abrasion and UV-resistant, and highly durable. These can get sharp spikes if they fray, costly, hefty, and rust, though.

Conversely, synthetic ropes are inexpensive, user-friendly, and lightweight contrary to steel cables. But they aren’t resistant to abrasion and will fray easily because of exposure to chemicals and UV.

Having said that, synthetic ropes are perfect for pulling lighter loads such as UTVs and ATVs, while steel ropes are ideal for heavy-duty usage, like to pull SUVs and trucks.

  1. Gearboxes

Gearing systems come in two types: one-stage and three-stage planetary systems. The former features fewer gears, making it lightweight and compact.

But it comes with less pulling torque that’s perfect for smaller cars such as UTVs and ATVs.

Conversely, a three-stage planetary gearing system features more gears in a multi-step design, which makes it smoother while it raises its torque.

The output will make it perfect for pulling heavy cars and trucks. But this system is hefty and bigger than the 1-stage type.

  1. Waterproof

Because you’ll usually be winching with the car stuck in puddles or mud, a waterproof winch is a must-have. This prevents damage to the most important components (solenoid and motor).

A rating of at least IP67 is important to protect them from submersion in water and dust.

Off-road enthusiasts love to hunt. A winch is popular in such instances, even if one has multi-purpose hauling tasks to carry out frequently.

More choices are offered while looking for electric winches with regard to the size and type of winch.

A portable car winch is just a helping medium. This helps make the task of pulling simple than earlier by switching its incorporated gearing system by the strong torque.

At times when the car stops, the car dolly winch is the only way to move it. You can get these items in four pieces or pairs.

They come with wheels that are mainly created with plastic or steel material.

If you are considering the jack stand, then you need to know some things. For newbies, both the tools are made to lift the car though a jack will lift the vehicle but not move it.

A car dolly is an ideal choice if you want to move the car.

Considerations when purchasing the best car dolly winch

While looking for the best dollies, there are things you need to consider.

  1. Hydraulic or standard car dollies

The perfect car dollies come in tow major kinds, which vary with the operation method. One difference is that you need to know that hydraulic types are easy to operate.


These are a traditional choice. You require a separate jack for lifting your vehicle and then put the dollies underneath the tires.

If you rarely use them, then a standard car dolly winch is the best option. Additionally, it’s inexpensive as there’s no integrated jack that certainly reduces the cost.


The hydraulic car dolly is the best choice if you are looking for the ideal car positioning tire dolly. It’s an all-in-one tool where you do not require a separate jack for lifting your car.

You’ll get a pedal connected to the jack that can lift a vehicle while the tires get positioned underneath. By going this, you will save lots of effort and time.

  1. Brake and caster

The primary components of a car dolly are casters. It’s important that these tools are created with the best quality.

This is to allow them to withstand the car’s weight and to move freely.

You should buy one with ball bearings mounted on casters. By doing this, the dollies can move in different directions.

Additionally, you’ll find models that lube their wheels. Even if you’re purchasing a non-lubricated model, you will be able to lubricate it easily.

The brakes help lock the casters in one place. This means that you can leave the car on top of the dolly for long. Getting a brand with effective brakes is essential.

  1. Weight capacity

Approximating a car’s weight is easy. The ideal car dollies have to put up with these weights. Many dollies out there will be able to put up with such plenty of weight.

A set of four dollies can put up with a weight of 6000 lbs which is good. Make sure you search for one that can support your car’s weight.

As there are many types of vehicles out there, you should be cautious while looking for the dolly that will hold the weight.

Do not cross the weight limit, and do not overload the dolly. It can damage the casters if you apply more weight, which ultimately damages your car.

  1. Material construction

The dolly’s sturdiness is guaranteed through the material used. The plate is very durable as it is created with steel.

The casters can be made of steel or plastic. Steel casters are durable; however, they regularly rust. Plastic wheels are good; however, there’s durability concern.

Car trailers are an amazing thing; however, when you have a dead vehicle and do not have a few friends around to help you get it up the access ramp; they may look sort of ineffective.

This is why you need to get the right car trailer winch setup to make your life considerably easy. Even if your car is live, you can pull it straight, making your life much simpler.

A car hauler winch is a heavy-duty machine that works on a trailer ramp for hauling your car or connecting it to the bumper of a car.

To prevent such situations and to help in pulling the car or truck easily from mud, snow or pitfalls, it is best to buy a top car trailer winch.

You can find a trailer winch mount at your car’s rear side. This means that the winch sits on the trailer’s back, either at the end of the trailer itself or near your car’s front part.

Because you can disconnect the trailer from the main car, a car trailer with winch has a separate battery connection to ensure they stay moving.

They don’t have to depend on the car battery to draw out power for running.

With its extra cables, straps, and battery, the whole winch is put in a protective box known as a car trailer winch box connected to the trailer’s rear end.

A tilt car trailer with winch is made to deal with the issues encountered when you load a low clearance sports car on a standard car trailer with hook-on loading ramps and dovetail.

It is not easy to get ramps long enough to load low clearance cars. The answer to this problem is the trailer.

Depending on the size of your pocket, you can get a car trailer with winch for rent to suit your needs.

Types of winches

A winch is a simple mechanical item that let out, pull in, or else adjust the tension of a cable, wire rope, or rope. A simple winch has a drum or spool connected to a hand crank.

When you are operating a sports utility car or truck outdoors, a winch plays a huge role in lots of different ways.

A car trailer with winch for sale is available in 7 main kinds: hybrid winches, mechanical hand-operated winches, mechanical capstan-style winches, electrical winches, portable mechanical winches, hydraulic winches and mechanical drum-style winches.

Winch motor

You can get a winch in one of two main kinds of motors: series wound motors or permanent magnet motors.

These types feature a set of inner coils known as an armature. Inside the armature is either another set of permanent magnets or field coils.

Permanent types use magnets for rotating the armature and running the engine.

These permanent types cause minimal car battery strain; however, they overheat easily, slowing down the motor.

For this reason, you cannot use these for hefty winching tasks. Series types feature another set of coils in the armature’s inner part.

The spinning of the field coil creates a magnetic field, making the armature to spin. Due to this additional effort, permanent types use less current compared to series wound motors.

Electrical winches

A car’s battery powers these winches to which it’s connected and another battery that can function separately from a car’s battery.

This means that operating this machine won’t affect how the car’s systems operate.

Mechanical drum winches

Running the car’s engines gives power to this type of winch. The gears’ turning in the gearing system transmits power to winch via a turning shaft.

A mechanical drum winch is more powerful than an electrical one. It can also function each time the car’s engine is running, whether or not the gear is engaged.

Lever winches

Here, a self-gripping jaw replaces the spool. You can use the self-gripping jaw to move ropes with the winch. You can also use it for moving numerous tones of weight if someone is pulling the leaver front and back.

Hydraulic drum winches

This is attached to the car’s engine via a hydraulic pump, which powers a hydraulic motor. The winch comes with lots of power, and like a mechanical type, it will operate each time the engine runs.

An additional bonus with a hydraulic type is that you can run it even when totally submerged in water.

Mechanical capstan winches

This draws power from the engine via the crankshaft. A gadget referred to as a dog clutch attaches to the pulley on the crankshaft and draws power.

Similar to a mechanical drum winch, capstan types function when the engine of the car is running.

This winch resembles a mechanical drum winch apart from its assembly, which has an elongated piece around which wraps the rope in contrast with a drum winch’s spool-like construction.

Mechanical hand-operated winches 

These types have a wire rope caught before being released by a series of clamps. One person is able to operate this winch without any connection to the engine of the car.

Mechanical portable winch

This is a hand-made winch, having a drum winch attached to a chainsaw motor to offer motive force. It operated separately from the car that it is connected to.

Hybrid winch

These types are made using spare parts. The car owner gets an old winch and attaches it to the car.

After that, it uses a motor and hydraulic pump to drive the winch. A hybrid winch is efficient, strong and affordable.

Winch gear types

You can also get winches in 3 different kinds of gear systems: spur, worm and planetary gears. Planetary types feature a central gear known as the sun gear.

This turns, causing the turning of three other gears around it. The motive power gets created by these actions. This is a popular system and comes with 65% power transfer efficiency.

Worm types have 2 sections: a gear looking like a wheel gets motivated by a gear-shaped like a bar, which runs on top of it.

The gears aren’t as efficient or powerful as planetary types, operating efficiently at roughly 35 – 40%. Spur types have 2 wheel-shaped gears, a small and a big one.

The small gear is attached to the motor, causing the bigger one to turn. The system comes with 75 % power transfer efficiency.

A winch, particularly an RC car winch, is popular in lifting things. It is sort of old school tech, called a lever system, for example, used in massive architectural projects such as Hoist Bridge building.

However, it gets common for more connectivity with on-road and off-road cars.

Each winch has four primary counterparts, like a gear handle, motor, cable wire, and drum, which accept the motor’s power and offer energy to pull out things.

Also, RC winch varies in mounting objects, marine work, and workload capacity.

Choosing a race car trailer winch

Cable or rope

It can be confusing when looking for a winch with synthetic rope or steel cable. These two play a huge role in dragging operations and weight lifting.

  • Synthetic rope: These ropes weigh much lighter than steel and make snapping safer. Also, it makes climbing a muddy hill easier. However, it costs a lot and needs high maintenance.
  • Steel cable: Generally, this cable needs minimal maintenance. It is durable; just connect and unspool. It will do a total RC winch fast.

Pulling power

This is the most important consideration when choosing an RC car winch. Since a winch set is all that you require, either to drag heavy things or to finish a simple extracting task of the sports car or truck from the murky creek. In a nutshell, what matters is pull ability.

A helpful feature is a remote control, either through wired or aerial. This function lets the winch to emit power to extract things from a safer distance.

Power use

What’s the amount of power your winch accepts and emits while carrying out the operation? You should consider this before purchasing a race car trailer winch.

In case you have more big extracting tasks, then it’s good to purchase a heavy-duty brand.

A rail car puller winch provides the utmost reliability and performance. It offers the high startup torque needed to pull weighty loads such as rail cars.

This winch is made for either single or bi-directional pulling with either variable or fixed speed control.

What size winch for car trailer

Physical size does not matter when it comes to winching a car trailer. But if it’s the capacity, the capacity of the winch has to be double the size of the vehicle.

Winches with a large capacity than needed won’t be a waste. Instead, they will help prolong the service life.

Physical shape and size matter a lot like other factors. If you want to use the winch in a tighter space or building site, you can get a smaller winch.

On the other hand, bigger ones are great when you want to tow a heavy load or car. So, getting the right winch size depends on your task or need to complete.

You should measure your trailer’s width and how much weight it will support. The preferred winch should fit the trailer and not be very weighty as well.

Safety tips:

Winching comes with some risks. Here are some considerations about winching safety tips.

Inspecting the winch

Before you use the winch, check out damages, and fix if necessary. In addition, check for any stuck dirt and remove it.

Avoid the winch line

The line needs enough working area. For a ten feet line, you should be ten feet away from the winch line.

Make sure the hook is facing up

When hooking a tree or a car, make sure the hook is facing up. So as if it falls, it’s forced to the floor.

A good spotter close by

Having more than five and each one of them offering different directions might result in mishaps.

Intricate pulls need snatch block

You can increase a winch’s lifespan with a snatch block

The right winch methods and accessories:

  • Do not tow another ATV using a winch; use a recovery or tow strat rated for the specific load.
  • Try using as much winch rope or cable as you can as the more rope that’s off the drum, the more the winch has a powerful pull. Using a snatch block will help increase the winch’s pulling power. Keep in mind that any time you use a snatch block, the pull’s speed is reduced while increasing the pulling power.
  • If your car is stuck in deep mud or snow, unearth around the wheels and if you can find some branches or rocks to stick under the wheels for traction during the pull.
  • If possible, have the front wheels pointed in the pull’s direction.
  • If you want to help the battery during pulling, you should apply the throttle a bit.
  • When you secure a tree, remember to use a tress saver strap that has D-Ring shackles with a minimum width of 3-inches. To stop severe tree damage, do not wrap the winch rope or cable around a tree.
  • When pulling, if possible, the stuck ATV needs to be driven in the pull direction with the average throttle until unstuck. Then you should disconnect the winch rope or cable.
  • If you decide to pull with the cable slanted to the drum, you should turn the front tires in the direction of the pull and pull in a little. After that, reposition the rope regularly to stop irregular spooling.
  • When you are pulling the rope or cable out for a pull, ensure that you examine the line for worn areas, frays, and kinks. When handling a winch cable, you should wear gloves always.
  • Do not use a winch for pulling a hefty load for over 1-1/2 minutes at a time. Let it cool between pulls, and this permits time for recharging the battery.
  • When you want to pull out another ATV with a winch, first use the winch to secure the ATV to a tree or other thing with the right accessories before you start to pull.
  • You can also keep the winch rope or cable at right angles to the winch’s drum during a pull and look after the drum to make sure the rope or cable’s spooling is uniform. A cable or rope can spool unequally by pulling at an angle. This results in damage to the gears and binding of the winch.
  • After pulling, try re-spooling the rope or cable firmly and even. Untie the whole spool if needed and pull the rope back to maintain pressure on the cable for a firm spool. This prevents entangle in the rope on the spool.
  • Ensure your preferred battery is strong, preferably the biggest ATV battery that has the highest “Cold Cranking Amps” to offer the ideal initial winch pull.
  • Do not surpass the cable and winch’s strength limits.