Is It Harder To Steal Keyless Cars In The Modern Days?

As much as technological growth offered a wide array of benefits, it came with several downsides. Because of technology, there are now more car theft cases than before.

Thieves are coming up with new advanced ways of stealing modern cars. More often than not, thieves do not require your car keys to steal your car.

They tamper with the car’s electrical system such that they can drive the car without keys. Due to this, car experts invented keyless cars.

Keyless cars enable you to start your car through smartphone apps or a small button. Experts report that such cars are less likely to get stolen.

But does this mean that it is harder to steal keyless cars?

First, what is keyless car theft?

Keyless cars are often operated with a digital fob, smartphone app, or even a car. Unlike standard cars, you don’t need keys to start the car.

Although people think it’s harder to still a keyless car, thieves have come up with several techniques that give them entry to the car.

They send a false signal to the car, which gives them access. We’ll discuss some of the techniques thieves use to steal keyless cars.

Techniques thieves use to steal keyless cars.

App hacking

The latest car systems come with anti-theft systems that function with smartphone apps. Although convenient, this is dangerous.

Today, many people can hack all your sign-in details in the app. In turn, they will be able to locate and operate the car, making it easier for them to steal.

We’ve all heard theft cases; therefore, be careful if your car uses a smartphone app. You would rather invest in privacy security online software that will protect all your details.

Signal relaying

Contrary to popular belief, keyless cars are quite easy to operate. You can unlock the cars using cards or fobs when you are nearby the car.

Almost all automatic cars work this way. You can unlock them when standing nearby as long as the car recognizes the signal.

Thieves install wireless transmitters close to the car. It could be on nearby windows or underneath the car.

These wireless transmitters are specially meant to master the signal from a digital key and pass it to the target car.

Then, the thief stands nearby the car and seizes the signal. When this happens, the car thinks that the key is around. In turn, it opens; and thieves get into your car.

They also repeat the same process to start the car and run off with it. Moreover, the thieves can use a blank fob to access the car’s computer system. This helps the car to start some other time again.

Close range testing

If the keyless fobs are close to where the car is, thieves can gain entry to the car. What happens is that thieves try their luck.

They can try unlocking the doors or windows to find their way in. Then, they can use a blank key fob to start the car.

Even so, if they don’t have a bank key fob to send false signals to the car, they will go nowhere with the car.

Typically, keyless cars often need the fob to be inside the car. Otherwise, the car won’t be able to start. So, this stealing technique is mostly not worth a try.

And even if the thieves succeed in running off with your car, the battery will fail because the key will no longer be nearby.

Key programming

The key programming method involves using the start button to steal the car. This technique is pretty simple.

The thieves only have to find a way to get inside the car; they can do this by breaking the window or door.

Once they find their way inside, they start the car using the button and getaway. Car Thieves also borrow tricks from computer hackers.

They plug in a device to fool the car there is a real fob and modify the car’s system to suit their requirements.

Doing this enables thieves to start the car engine and open the doors and windows. Besides, key programming only takes a few seconds.

So, it is possible to lose a keyless car within the blink of an eye. Not to mention, the cost of programming is super low. Subsequently, this increases the number of car theft cases.

Code grabbing

In some instances, thieves may succeed in capturing the unlock code. They do this using a technological device that captures a signal whenever the owner locks the door.

Several car experts say that this is not possible. But it is good to beware that this can happen to you. Not to mention, there are IT gurus who can hack almost anything.

Signal jamming

Another technique used by car thieves Is signal jamming. This method entails sending a false signal to the car to gain entry.

Usually, thieves do this through a portable gadget that can get hidden in the pocket. The worst thing about signal jamming is that it prevents the original car owners from accessing the car.

Once the thieves are in the car, the owner will not open the doors and windows. Consequently, this gives thieves a good chance to steal the car.

Is keyless car theft common?

Over the years, keyless car theft cases have constantly been on the rise. People think that keyless cars are harder to steal.

But this is just a belief. Thieves who know what they want and what they are doing find stealing a keyless car very easy.

Have you ever asked yourself why car theft is increasing even with the evolution of the latest anti-theft systems? Ultimately, it is not hard to steal keyless cars.

The bottom line

Nowadays, car thieves have come up with a wide range of techniques used to steal keyless cars. People say that it is hard to steal keyless cars.

But the evolution of technology proves otherwise. Thieves can easily steal keyless cars, especially if they know the most advanced car stealing techniques.

It is important to be aware of all these techniques. This way, you’ll use the best anti-theft devices for your car.

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