Is It Bad To Let A Car Sit For A Month?

At times, car owners may have to leave their car sitting for days, weeks, and even months.

This may be due to long work trips, doctor orders, or technical issues in the vehicle.

Although not safe, there are several practices you can implement to keep your car in good condition at this time.

However, is it wrong to let a car sit for a month? Well, car experts do not advocate leaving your vehicle unattended for a month.

Letting your car seat on the same parking spot for a month leads to a gradual deterioration of some car parts. In turn, your vehicle will get damaged.

So, if you plan to leave your car stationary for a month, do your best to start the engine once in a while. This way, you would keep your car in good condition.

What happens if you let your car sit for a month?

Damage to the car battery

When you leave a battery in a stationary car, you make it more prone to damage.

Car batteries tend to lose their power whenever they don’t get used. So, letting a car sit for a month would drain the battery and cause it to malfunction.

Consequently, you would need to jump-start your car when you leave it sitting for long. Otherwise, your car would not move or, even worse, stop in the middle of a road.

Nonetheless, there are some ways you can incorporate to preserve your battery when the car is not in use.

Always make it a habit to remove the battery from the car and charging it from time to time. You can also store it indoors for some time.

Then, when you want to use the vehicle, you can put it back. Failure to do so would cause you to buy new batteries often; we know this can be expensive.

Flat tires

Leaving your car stationary for an extended period would interfere with the condition of the wheels.

Remember, the car wheels are basically rubber material. When immobile for too long, they tend to become loose and allow air to escape.

As a result, your car will experience flat tires.

Additionally, your car tires will likely develop tiny holes when you leave them sitting for a long time.

In turn, you will have to replace all your tires before using the car again. So, it is not healthy to let your car sit for long periods.

Break down of car parts

Stationary cars are often habitats for rats and mice. We all know how these rodents chew everything and anything.

So, rodents can chew certain parts under the vehicle and lead to severe damages. You may notice that you have a chewed exhaust pipe or chewed wipers.


Parking your car for more extended periods exposes it to moisture, leading to corrosion.

For instance, if you lodge your vehicle during winter, the car finish would get damaged by moisture.

But there is a way you can prevent this. You can always use a car cover to protect the car from rusting.

However, keep in mind that not all car covers would protect your vehicle from rust. Moreover, during winter, a stationary car is likely to take in moisture in its gas tank, which leads to rusting.


The gas in your gas tank tends to become useless when you let a car sit for a month.

What happens is that the lid of the gas tank will be loose after some time and let in air. As a result, oxygen comes in contact with the fuel and produces a harmful substance with a bad smell.

Often, this usually happens immediately after a month. The substance produced can lead to a break down of some parts of the car.

How do I prepare my car for storage?

Since we now understand what can happen when your car sits unattended for a month, let’s look at some of the techniques you can incorporate to avoid this.

Using a fuel stabilizer

As mentioned earlier, leaving your car for too long interferes with the condition of the fuel.

Old fuel reacts with air to form a sticky substance that can damage certain parts of the car. Luckily, you can avoid this problem by using the right fuel stabilizer.

Fuel stabilizers prevent the fuel from going bad. In fact, this product can keep the fuel in good condition for as long as two years.

So, if you plan to leave your car sitting for too long, purchase a fuel stabilizer. Then, add the required amount into the fuel tank.

Wash your car

Always wash your car when you plan to leave it for a long time. Conduct a thorough wash that eliminated all hidden dirt in the corners and under the car.

Additionally, make it a habit to give your car proper wash from time to time when it’s not in use. Consequently, you would prevent corrosion and rust on your car.

Use an appropriate car cover

One thing you should never fail to do is use a car cover. Ensure you cover your car anytime you are leaving it stationary for an extended period.

Car covers are outstanding features when it comes to protecting your vehicle. They safeguard the car against any moisture, harsh weather conditions, and ultraviolet rays.

Besides, car covers protect vehicles from rusting. Even so, you have to ensure you buy the most suitable car cover that suits all your requirements.

Mouse-proof your car

Rodents can damage your car when you let it sit in one spot for a long time.

Mice and rats can chew the exhaust pipes, among other plastic components in the vehicle. As a result, this could lead to a significant breakdown of the car.

And rodents aren’t something you can avoid easily. So, use a mouse-proof product to keep rats and mice from the vehicle.

Some mouse-proof products are in the form of cream or sprays that you can apply to the car.

The bottom line

It is not advisable to leave your car sitting on one spot for a month.

Doing so can damage the car battery, tires, gas tank, among other parts of the vehicle.

So, when storing your vehicle, implement various measures to protect your car.

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