Is Dyson Handheld Worth It?

Dyson is one of the leading home care equipment manufacturers in the United States.

The company manufactures high-quality products focused on meeting customer requirements.

More often than not, Dyson vacuums are powerful and deliver excellent performance. Nonetheless, most Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners are pricey.

Fortunately, they offer value for money. But are Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners worth the purchase?

Well, it depends on your requirements. Generally, your cleaning needs will determine whether buying a Dyson handheld vacuum is worth it.

Nonetheless, let’s take a look at a few features of Dyson handheld vacuums that are undeniably appealing.

Variety of lightweight cordless vacuums:

The majority of light, cordless vacuums are effective and user-friendly. They are easy to transport and enable you to clean your stairs and the car’s interior easily.

A lightweight vacuum is also convenient for storage. When cleaning your car, it is essential to have a cordless vacuum.

This is because you’ll need to clean under the seats and in between the seats. Fortunately, Dyson offers a wide range of lightweight cordless vacuums.

But note that Dyson vacuums are more costly. You can find another handheld vacuum that provides the same functionality at a lower price.

Battery life:

The battery life of Dyson handheld vacuums varies depending on the model. However, the better the battery, the higher the price of the vacuum.

Most Dyson handheld vacuums range from $250 to $700. So, always analyze your budget and requirements before settling for a Dyson handheld vacuum.

Remember, the battery life of a handheld vacuum is essential. So, don’t ignore this aspect.

Best Dyson handheld vacuums 2021


This Dyson model is more powerful than the V8 animal. As a result, it is more costly. But is it worth the cost?

The Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute has a larger dust tank compared to other models. Therefore, you won’t have to keep emptying the bin frequently. In addition, it has a longer working time of about 52 minutes.

This Dyson handheld vacuum works perfectly fine on hardwood floors and carpets. It is also efficient at removing pet hair from surfaces.

However, it costs $700. Although it’s a good handheld vacuum, $700 might be a little too much. You can find a handheld vacuum with the same features at a much lower price.


This Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner incorporates a sleek design for easy portability and storage. Unlike most standard vacuums, the Dyson V8 animal has a longer working time.

It can run for approximately 40 minutes without being plugged into a charging port. This Dyson model is lightweight.

Hence, you can quickly move it across different rooms when cleaning. It incorporates strong suction power to clean all types of surfaces and dirt particles.

One of the advantages of the Dyson V8 animal is that it operates quietly.

Nevertheless, the Dyson V8 animal is costly. It goes for about $450. If you are lucky, you can find it at a discounted price on Amazon.


The next Dyson handheld vacuum model is the V6. The Dyson V6 is super lightweight. Subsequently, it is perfect for cleaning different rooms.

It can pick up all dirt particles and debris, but it works better on hardwood floors and carpets. You can also use this handheld vacuum to get rid of pet hair.

Unlike the V8 model, this vacuum does not operate quietly. Although effective, the Dyson V6 cord-free model has a shorter running time.

It can only run for 13 minutes without getting plugged into a charger. So, it interrupts and prolongs cleaning times.

The Dyson V6 is relatively cheaper than the Dyson V8 animal; you can find it for about $250.

The best alternative to Dyson cordless handheld vacuum cleaners

As mentioned earlier, you can find a good vacuum at a lower price. The prices of Dyson handheld vacuums may be a bit exaggerated.

So, you might want to consider several alternatives. Some of these alternatives include:


This model offers excellent functionality. It has five-star reviews online and goes for approximately $400. It is undoubtedly a better option than Dyson in terms of pricing.

The Shark Ionflex Duoclean handheld vacuum has a sleek design that enables you to clean hard-to-reach corners.

It has a reasonable operation time of 25 minutes. This vacuum can clean all types of surfaces, from carpets to hardwood floors.

It can also help you get rid of pet hair on all surfaces. The major downside of this vacuum is that it is relatively bulky compared to the Dyson models. But you can always overlook this due to the low cost.


Another handheld vacuum you might consider in the place of Dyson is the Bissell Airram 1984. This handheld vacuum removes dirt from all types of surfaces.

It also incorporates a working time of about 40 minutes. Besides, it is relatively affordable; you can find it on Amazon for approximately $250.

Nevertheless, this handheld vacuum is bulky compared to Dyson models.


It would help if you also considered this handheld vacuum. The Ryobi 18-volt one+ evercharge is a wall mount vacuum. Consequently, it is pretty user-friendly.

You can always mount it on the wall as you clean your car. It runs for approximately 25 minutes and has a brushless motor that prolongs the lifespan of the battery.

The vacuum can clean carpets and hardwood floors. You can also use it to get rid of pet hair on all types of surfaces.

An advantage of this vacuum is that it costs less compared to other handheld vacuums.

The bottom line: Is the Dyson handheld worth it?

At the end of the day, the type of handheld vacuum cleaner you purchase depends on your needs. Dyson handheld vacuums provide excellent functionality and are thus an excellent choice.

But these models are often expensive. In fact, experts report that Dyson vacuum prices may be exaggerated.

Even so, they offer value for money. Luckily, you can always find alternatives to Dyson handheld vacuums.

All you have to do is conduct thorough research. However, if you don’t have a fixed budget, purchase a Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner.

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