Is A Car Cover As Good As A Garage?

Cars are indubitably excellent investments. I mean, not only do cars make our lives simple, but they also serve as an incredible asset for securing personal loans.

Even so, unlike houses, cars depreciate as the years go by.

As a result, car owners should do their best to reduce the depreciation value by taking good care of their vehicles.

One effective way of car protection is by using a car cover. Car covers are great features that safeguard your car against harsh external conditions.

But some people wonder whether a shaded garage can act as a substitute for a car cover.

Garage vs. Car covers

Well, car covers safeguard the car from the sun’s harmful effects, moisture, and dust particles.

Quite the contrary, a garage only offers shade under the sun. It really does not protect the car from dust particles and moisture.

Most garages will let in dirt, humidity, moisture, and ultraviolet rays since they do not incorporate a protective material like car covers.

Additionally, a garage won’t protect the car from bird poop. So, please buy a car cover instead of just parking the car in your garage.

Doing this would help you prolong the car’s lifespan.

Advantages of car covers over a garage

Protection from dents and scratches

Most car owners dread getting dents and scratches on their car. It can be hard and expensive to fix such issues in your car.

Often, dents and scratches could result from external objects flying across the car or dust particles.

When dirt particles stick on the car and wipe them, they tend to scratch the car. And after some time, the car will get numerous scratches.

Also, unsupervised children can scratch the car using sharp objects. So, consider buying a car cover to protect your car from dents.

Using a garage won’t help since you won’t be protecting the car from any harmful external objects. Car covers offer a protective layer that guards the surfaces of the car.

Protects your car from theft

Car covers can actually keep thieves away from your car.

Unlike an open vehicle, it would take a longer time for thieves to navigate their way through into a covered car.

Consequently, they can get caught easily. On the other hand, if your car is just parked in a garage, thieves can quickly get in and steal it.

Besides, many car covers have locks. Thus, they offer extra protection for your car.

Harsh weather conditions

Unlike a garage, car covers protect your car from harsh external conditions.

For instance, during winter, there is usually high moisture content in the environment.

Suppose you parked your car in a garage, it would undoubtedly come in contact with the moisture.

In turn, rust would form on the car’s surface. And we all know how rusted cars appear old and ugly.

But if you used a waterproof cover made of protective material, your car would not experience such issues.

Also, parking your car in a garage under the sun may safeguard it from direct sunlight but not from ultraviolet rays.

It would be best to use a car cover with the best material that prevents penetration of ultraviolet rays.

Doing this protects your car’s finish and makes it appear brighter and newer.

Additionally, parking your car in a garage on a hot sunny day can raise the vehicle’s internal temperature to 90 degrees Celsius.

High temperatures in the car can lead to a total break down of some of its parts.

Factors to consider when purchasing a car cover

As seen earlier, car covers play a huge role in keeping the car in good condition.

However, there are certain things to put into consideration before buying a car cover. This way, all your requirements will get met.

The durability of the cover

Ensure that you check the durability of the car cover before you purchase it.

It would be best if you buy a car cover that offers high longevity. Often, durable car covers have to be of high quality.

Thus, you would have to spend more on them. But they are worth it since they offer value for money.

Buying a low-quality car cover would be setting yourself up for disaster. Come to think about it. They can quickly wear and tear, especially during the winter season.

Geographical region

The climate varies depending on where you live. So, analyze the geographical conditions of your area before purchasing a car cover.

You have to buy a car cover that can withstand all the weather conditions in your area. For instance, some areas are generally colder than others.

So, if you live in regions that experience harsh winter conditions, it would be best if you bought a waterproof car cover.

However, if your area is sunny throughout the year, a waterproof car cover is unnecessary.

The thickness of the cover

You definitely don’t want to purchase a car cover that wears out quickly.

So, it would be best if you bought a thick cover that is resistant to any sharp and harsh external objects.

Warranty of the cover

Most car cover manufacturers offer warranties.

But always purchase a car cover with a durable warranty. In case of anything, the manufacturer would sort you out. Some car covers can be very costly.

Thus, you want to make sure that you get value for money.

How often should I use my car cover?

Car covers are best used when the car is stationary.

But they work well when you plan to leave your car unused for a long time. If you are not using your car frequently, ensure you use a car cover.

But don’t leave the cover on for too long without cleaning it. Make the effort of removing and cleaning it if you are using it daily.


From this article, it is clear that car covers are more effective than garages when protecting your car.

A garage does not offer a wide array of benefits like a car cover does. So, always invest in a good car cover that will cater to all your requirements. in turn, you boost your car’s durability.

However, always consider the durability, quality, and warranty of the cover before purchase.

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