How To Wash Car Covers

It is not unlikely to see a worn-out car cover in your neighborhood. Today, not many people know how to clean and maintain car covers.

And even if they are aware of the right maintenance techniques, most people do not implement these measures.

As a result, most car covers tend to wear and tear within a short period. If you have a car cover, ensure you take good care of it.

Doing this helps you prolong its durability. Besides, leaving your car cover unattended for months makes it appear old and dull.

So how do you wash car covers?

Washing a car cover in a washing machine

  • Check the washing instructions. Suppose you are planning to clean your cover; the first thing to do would be to confirm whether you can wash it. Many car covers come with their washing guidelines indicated in the manual or on a label. So, always read and understand the washing instructions.Some covers cannot survive a machine wash. You might have to take them to a car wash so that they can get cleaned. But if you have the right front-loading washer, proceed to the next step.
  • Fill the washer with water. Avoid using hot water to wash your car covers. It would be best if you used cold water. Then, add the correct amount of detergent into the cold water. The amount of detergent you put in the water relies on the cover’s size and detergent type. Typically, some detergents are more concentrated than others. Thus, you would only require to pour in a small portion of concentrated detergent.
  • Once you ensure that the water and detergent in the washer have mixed thoroughly, you can start the washing machine. It is always best to set your device on gentle mode. Remember, a car cover incorporates a relatively delicate material. So, don’t apply too much pressure when washing the cover. Failure to do so would damage and tear the cover.
  • After washing the cover, rinse it thoroughly to remove traces of detergent. Then, could you leave it to dry in the open? Check the most recommended methods of drying the cover in the washing instructions.

Dont’s when washing car covers

Avoid Hot water

One thing you should never do when washing a car cover is using hot water. Hot water only shortens the longevity of your car cover.

Use cold water only. Not to mention, using cold water is more cost-effective since it helps you cut down on your electricity bills.

Avoid domestic washing machines

Using a standard washing machine to clean your car covers is a recipe for disaster.

Domestic washing machines may not be gentle on your covers; thus can lead to damage.

Instead, use a commercial or front-loading washer to clean car covers.

Fabric and clothes softener

Car covers do not have the same fabric as regular clothes. So, avoid using a fabric softener when rinsing them.

They work perfectly fine even without fabric softener. Besides, several fabric softeners incorporate toxic chemicals that won’t react well with the cover material.

Harsh detergents

When washing your car cover, it would be best if you used the mildest detergent. Chemically concentrated detergents can have abrasive effects on the car cover.

Thus, they can damage the covers.

Clothes dryer

It is always advisable to dry car covers out in the open. Doing this allows for maximum aeration and moisture elimination.

Cloth dryers are not the best equipment to dry car covers. They can lead to dulling and deterioration of the cover.

How to clean a dusty car cover?

Car covers are vulnerable to dust. Thus, you may notice that your car cover tends to acquire dust more quickly even after washing it.

So, make it a habit to remove the cover once in a while and shake off the dust. This way, you prevent the build-up of dust particles on the cover, leading to scratching.

If you notice too much dust, consider using a microfiber cloth to wipe the cover surfaces. Do this vertically to make your work easier.

Furthermore, you can always use a dust vacuum cleaner to eliminate the dust on car covers. Avoid leaving car cover unattended for days, weeks, and even months.

They will become ineffective over time, and you would have to spend thousands replacing this equipment.

Can you wash budge a car cover?

At times, you may get forced to wash your car cover manually. So, how do you go about this? Below are the detailed steps of how to wash budge your car cover.

  • The first step would be to spread out the cover on the car. Doing this enables you to get a broader view of the condition of the car cover. Consequently, you will be able to clean it properly.
  • Take a medium-sized or large bucket and fill it with cold water. Pour the detergent solution into the water. Use a mild detergent. If you can, go for a plant-based or natural detergent that is gentle on the skin and the cover.
  • Spray water onto the cover using a hose to prep it for the washing procedure. Ensure that you wet all areas of the cover. At this stage, get rid of all loose and visible particles like leaves and bird droppings.
  • Then, use a microfiber cloth dipped in the soap solution to wipe the surface of the cover. Do this gently in circles to minimize the appearance of dents and scratches that may form on the cover. Alternatively, use a soft brush to scrub the exterior of the car cover. After you do this, use clean cold water to rinse out the soap solution. Then, hang it to dry in the air. Consider using your hanging line or garden space for this.
  • Do this again for the other side of the car cover. All you have to do is turn it inside out and repeat the exact process.


Taking care of your car cover entails washing it appropriately. Make sure you wash your car cover often to prevent the accumulation of dust and moisture.

This way, you boost efficiency and prolong the durability of the cover.

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