How Much Can A Winch Pull?

Over the years, winches have significantly grown in popularity due to their effectiveness.

I mean, you can always count on a winch to recover any vehicle either from a heap of snow or a ditch.

Today, there is a wide range of manufacturers who supply different types of winches. As a result, you can easily find a compatible winch for your vehicle.

Different winches incorporate different pulling capacities. So, before you purchase a winch, ensure it is compatible with your vehicle.

You can always ask your manufacturer for the most suitable winch for your vehicle.

Nevertheless, on average, most winches have a pulling capacity that lies between 1500 to 15000 pounds.

Of course, you can find winches of lesser or higher pulling capacity. Therefore, always find out the weight of your vehicle to purchase the correct winch the correct pulling capacity.

Using the wrong winch can damage the composition of the car.

Does the pulling capacity affect the price of a winch?

Winches vary in price depending on their pulling capacity and composition. The higher the pulling capacity of a winch, the higher its cost.

But averagely, you might end up spending approximately $1800 on a winch. As you can see, most winches are not cheap.

So, make sure you buy the best to avoid wasting your money in the long run. Also, note that what may work for another person may not work for you.

So, always present your needs and car specifications to your manufacturer before purchasing a winch.

How do I buy a winch with the correct pulling capacity?

You have to consider several factors before settling for a winch with your desired pulling capacity.

First, you have to identify your vehicle’s weight, which is commonly referred to as the Gross Vehicle Weight.

So, how do you do this? Simple; The GVW is often indicated somewhere around the driver’s door.

If you can’t seem to find it, contact the manufacturer of the car. Alternatively, you can check online. All you have to do is state the name and model of your car.

You’ll undoubtedly find the GVW of the car. Ensure you add the weight of any other car accessories you may have incorporated.

Once you determine the GVW, it’s now time to find out the type of winch that would work best with your car.

Please do this by taking the GVW value and adding 30% to it. For more understanding, let’s take a look a look at the below example. Let’s say your GVW is 6700 pounds.

Thus, you should purchase a winch that can pull approximately 8000 pounds or more. You can also top up the amount by 50% to find the most suitable winch for you.

Avoid buying a winch with less pulling capacity in the name of cutting down your costs. You will get disappointed.

You’d rather spend more and avoid damaging your car.

Even so, note that a winch will be able to pull what the car’s electrical system permits. In simple terms, if the car battery is large and has more capacity, the stronger the winch and the more effective it will work.

Most recommended types of winches

Undoubtedly, it can be a hustle to find the right type of winch to purchase. Even so, below are a few recommendations with five-star ratings online.

The Ramsey Patriot 15000

This winch has a high pulling capacity of up to 15000 pounds on the bottom layer.

Thus, you can count on the Ramsey Patriot to recover the heaviest of cars. Besides, it is well known for its user-friendliness and longevity.

The Ramsey Patriot is a good investment if you have a 4×4 vehicle.

The Warn 9.5xp

Although very light, the Warn 9.5xp winch can recover up to 9500 pounds. This winch is specially designed for difficult pulls that require a lot of effort.

There are also other types of Warn winches that have more pulling capacity than the 9.5xp. If you have a less bulky 4×4 vehicle, check put the Warner M600.

Remember that the type of vehicle will determine the type of winch you are likely to purchase.

Which winch accessory lets you attach the winch rope to a living tree?

Tree trunk protector

When winching out a car from a ditch, mud, or snow, there are several accessories you can incorporate to make your work easier and safer.

To be specific, if you plan to winch your car using a living tree, you can use a tree trunk protector.

Tree trunk protectors allow you to connect the winch rope to the stuck vehicle firmly. This accessory not only helps you recover your car but also protects the tree trunk.

Using any other material to attach the winch rope to the living tree causes erodes the trunk’s exterior surfaces.

Moreover, using any other accessory can damage or cut the rope during the winching process.

Other winching accessories

Protective gloves:

It is crucial to put on protective gloves while winching. Winching can cause the formation of blisters on your hands.

So, it is important to reduce the friction on your hands by wearing protective gloves.


Using blankets on the winch cable prevents any accidental electrocutions.

When you place the blanket on the cables, it takes in the energy in case the cable becomes open due to breakage.

Remote Control:

The remote control enables you to adjust the winch depending on the direction of the car. Also, it helps you control the operation without coming into contact with any electrical wire.

Hand tools and equipment:

It is always good to carry extra equipment during winching. Tools like shovels enable you to reduce the friction around the tires’ area by removing unwanted materials.

Other small equipment like pliers, screwdrivers among others, may come in handy.

In summary

At present, there are various types of winches with different pulling capacities. Some winches can pull up to 15000 pounds.

On the other hand, some can’t pull past 500 pounds. It all depends on the type of winch. So, always determine the most suitable winch that can cater to all your needs.

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