How Do You Use Hand Tools Safely?

Apart from using the correct hand tools to service your car, you ought to ensure that you use them safely as well.

Occasionally, hand tools can cause injuries, especially when mishandled or misuses.

Additionally, using a hand tool to fix the wrong problem would only damage the hand tools.

And you unquestionably don’t want to spend thousands replacing your hand tools from time to time.

So, how do you use your hand tools safely?

Use them for their designated job

Always make sure you use hand tools for their respective job. Otherwise, you will spend hours not fixing the problem as well as damage the hand tool.

For instance, don’t use a simple screwdriver to unwind the nuts if you experience a flat tire. It is advisable to use a lug wrench instead.

A wheel wrench is more robust and effective in removing a flat tire. Besides, you would break the screwdriver or poke yourself when using it to remove a loose or flat tire.

All in all, ensure you understand each hand tool and when to use them. Fortunately, every hand tool comes with an instruction manual.

Monitor the condition of your hand tools

Keep checking the condition of your hand tools. At times, you may not notice that one or two of your hand tools are having a defect. The earlier you see, the better.

Consider replacing the hand tool if you notice it is broken or has any other fault.

I mean, you don’t want to take out your spanner when you are in dire need, only to find out that it is not working.

Similarly, do your best to make sure all your hand tools get appropriately stored.

It would be best if you bought a big toolbox that can accommodate all your hand tools. And when storing the hand tools, keep them away from children.

Remember, children can get carried away and start chewing hand tools. Keep them where your children won’t suspect and reach.

Use hand tools with a straight wrist

Whenever you are handling hand tools, ensure that your wrist is straight. This way, you ensure the job gets done much faster and avoid any unnecessary injuries.

Holding hand tools with a bent wrist can hurt you. For instance, if you are holding a spanner with a bent wrist while fixing a flat tire, you might end up hitting yourself or those around you.

Additionally, you won’t be able to fix the tire properly.

Ensure you have tight handles

Their handles should securely hold hand tools like hammers. Otherwise, the handle might end up falling in the middle of a significant project.

Consequently, this can be dangerous as it can lead to severe injuries or damage to a car that was getting repairs.

If you notice that the handles of your hand tools are starting to get loose or weak, repairing or replacing them would be your best solution.

Cover sharp hand tools

All sharp hand tools should have a cover. So, in case they fall pointing downwards, they won’t harm anyone.

Moreover, most sharp hand tools incorporate metal. Thus, when exposed to the air, they tend to absorb moisture and corrode.

Covering sharp hand tools would also safeguard them from rusting. As a result, they will provide high longevity.

Wear protective garment when dealing with hand tools

One thing you should always do is to wear the right garments when working with hand tools.

Wear protective gloves, glasses, and shoes when dealing with hand tools. This way, you will avoid getting dirty often and hurting yourself.

Some hand tools have sharp edges. Thus, the best way to deal with them would be to wear protective gloves.

Also, protective gloves will protect your hand from friction.

Hang tools on your side pockets pointed downwards

Most mechanic garments have pockets on the sides to make your work easier.

Here, you can store some of the hand tools you plan on using. Always keep these tools facing downwards.

This way, you will avoid injuring yourself as well as damaging any equipment. Additionally, placing hand tools on your sides makes them easily accessible.

Do not put your hand tools on the backside pocket of the garment. You might end up forgetting and sitting on a sharp object accidentally.

Train all your employees on the safety measures to observe

If you own a garage, ensure that all your employees are well educated on the safety practices to observe when dealing with hand tools.

Subsequently, this will help you prevent any potential accidents and deliver a job well done. Show them how and when to use different hand tools.

In fact, you should consider paying a professional course for them, so that they may know how to deal with the various hand tools.

Avoid clutter

When working with hand tools, ensure that they are not congesting the area or hallway. Otherwise, you or someone else can get injured.

Find one suitable spot where you can keep the hand tools during a project. And after you finish with them, return them to the toolbox.

Not to mention, working in organized spaces is much more productive.

Do not throw tools

Even though you might be in a hurry to get the job done, do not pass tools to another person by throwing.

Take them and pass them gently to the hand of the other person. When passing a sharp hand tool, ensure that the pointed area faces you and not the other person.

Also, throwing tools can damage them, and you would have to spend a lot replacing and repairing them.

Use minimum pressure when dealing with hand tools

You need not use a lot of pressure when dealing with hand tools. Hand tools can lead to injuries when handled with a lot of force.

For instance, handling a screwdriver with excessive force can make it slip and hurt you.

Also, some hand tools are delicate and can break when you use a lot of pressure on them.



Hand tools are undoubtedly essential in conducting car repairs. Even so, to get the job done, you should use hand tools safely.

Otherwise, they can pose a danger to human health and can get damaged.

All in all, make sure you observe all safety practices when dealing with hand tools.

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