How Do You Maintain Your Hand Tool?

The majority of homeowners have a wide variety of hand tools in their homes.

Hand tools are undoubtedly important when fixing minor and major issues with home equipment, fixtures, and even cars.

However, at times, homeowners forget and end up leaving their hand tools in their garage for years.

Even though you don’t use your hand tools frequently, make sure you keep them well. I mean, you never know when they’ll come in handy.

Not to mention, hand tools are not that cheap, so it would be best if you took good care of them. So, how do you maintain your hand tool?

Clean your hand tools

Ensure that you clean your hand tools after use. Hand tools are different, and each incorporates various cleaning techniques.

Read the instruction manual to understand how best you can clean your hand tools.

Nonetheless, tool experts advise that using a gun cleaning kit is one of the best ways of cleaning your hand tools.

Cleaning prepares the hand tool for the next job and boosts the hand tool’s durability.

Store hand tools appropriately

One of the main ways you can maintain your hand tools is by storing them correctly.

Thus, think of installing a storage cabinet in your house or garage where you can store hand tools.

Additionally, think of using storage hooks to store sharp hand tools. Note that when storing very sharp hand tools, ensure they face downwards.

Otherwise, they might hurt someone around the area.

More often than not, hand tools come with their respective storage cases. Don’t throw these covers or cases away since they protect the tool from damage.

If you don’t store your hand tools properly, they will offer low longevity. In turn, you would have to spend thousands of dollars buying another set of hand tools.

Protection from moisture

Most hand tools are metal. Thus, when they come in contact with moisture, there is the risk for corrosion.

Do your best to safeguard your hand tools against moisture. So, ensure the storage areas are clean and dry.

Also, hand tools should be completely dry before getting stored. Avoid leaving your hand tools outside because if it rains, your hand tools will get eroded.

Keep your tools organized

Besides storing your hand tools correctly, it would be best to create each slot for one hand tool.

This way, your hand tools won’t rub against each other. In turn, they would offer maximum durability.

Create a slot for each hand tool and ensure that there is no overlapping. Besides, keeping your hand tools organized in your cabinet makes it easier for you to access them.

In turn, you would finish projects much faster.

Keep checking the condition of the hand tools

Keep checking whether your hand tools are in good shape from time to time.

When you do this, you will always repair any worn-out tool before it gets completely damaged.

Letting your hand tools sit for a long time without evaluating their condition would force you to spend thousands replacing them in the short run.

Some of the things you should always look out for are rusting, cracks, and bluntness.

Moreover, if you find that one or two of your hand tools are completely damaged beyond repair, discard them properly.

As a result, you would reduce clutter and create more storage space for new hand tools.

Sharpen your hand tools

Over time, sharp hand tools tend to get blunt due to constant use. In such cases, you would require to sharpen them.

If you let blunt tools sit for a long period, you might not be able to restore them to their initial state. So, how do you sharpen your hand tools?

Experts advise using water stones and sandpaper to sharpen your hand tools. Another high-end technique is using diamonds.

However, if you want to spend less, sharpen your tools using sandpaper.

Additionally, be careful when sharpening; otherwise, you might hurt yourself. Ensure you have a flat and firm table or surface to work on.

But note that sandpaper wears out quickly, so you might have to look for another option within not time.

The best way to sharpen your hand tools is by using diamond plates. But we all know how expensive diamonds are.

However, diamond plates for sharpening will last you for decades. In fact, you might never have to replace them for generations.


Another way to maintain your hand tool is through proper lubrication.

After some years of use, your hand tools may be difficult to operate since their parts may not be moving swiftly as they should.

However, if you constantly ensure that all your hand tools are well lubricated, you need not worry about replacing them in the near future.

Besides, lubricating your hand tools also makes them more efficient.

Lubrication also helps you prevent corrosion. So, it would help if you implemented this practice when maintaining your hand tool.

Nonetheless, always be careful to follow the instruction manual when lubricating. Typically, some hand tools won’t require lubrication in certain parts.

Follow all instructions in the manual

Above all, it is often advisable to read and understand the instruction manual of your hand tools.

This way, you can incorporate all the good maintenance practices. Keep in mind that different hand tools have different configurations.

Therefore, you would have to treat them very differently. Before cleaning, lubricating, or conducting any repair, check the recommended ways in the manual.

Furthermore, the instruction manual will teach you how to use the hand tool appropriately.

In turn, you will boost the durability of the hand tool. Suppose there is certain information you can’t seem to find in the manual; always consult your manufacturer.

The bottom line

Today, there is a broad spectrum of techniques you can incorporate to maintain your hand tools.

Taking good care of your hand tools enables you to boost their durability and effectiveness.

Some of the best maintenance techniques include cleaning the hand tools, sharpening, checking their condition regularly, and following the manual’s guidelines.

Also, ensure that you understand how each of your hand tools works. Consequently, you will be able to get the job done much faster.

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