How Do I Make My Winch Faster?

Currently, car experts consider a winch very effective in recovering a stuck car. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of winches.

Thus, you can easily find a winch that suits your requirements. Even though winches are powerful and effective equipment, you have to use them correctly.

Otherwise, they won’t perform their required task.

Moreover, there are several ways to multiply your winch power and make it run faster than usual.

Incorporating these techniques help you recover your car from the most difficult terrains.

Additionally, there is a special way you can manufacture a winch and make it work faster.

Using a double line

At times, you might want to multiply the power of your winch so that it can work faster.

Consider incorporating a double line. What happens is that you use a snatch block to double the line.

When you double the line using a snatch block, you increase the winch’s pulling capacity and make it work faster.

But you have to be careful when using a double line. Remember that you have placed too much weight on the winch rope.

So, it can easily break due to high pressure. Ensure you have a solid and firm anchor point.

Using a triple line

You can also create a triple line using a snatch block. Doing this helps you multiply the pulling capacity of the winch.

Thus, it speeds up the winching process. Like double lines, triple lines also withstand a lot of force.

Thus, ensure your anchor point is firm and secure so that it does not move.

Use a lengthier winch rope or cable

The lesser the length of the winch rope, the lesser the pulling capacity of the winch.

Thus, the winching process may take a longer period due to the winch’s low pulling capacity.

So, always ensure you use a long winch rope or cable when winching. Ensure that the winch rope or cable encompasses the whole winch drum.

This way, you can spool out a long winch rope when winching. It would be best to leave only a single layer of winch rope when winching.

Gas the stuck vehicle

Another way you can increase the speed of the winch is by gassing the stuck vehicle.

Once the stuck car has enough gas, it will be much easier for the winch to pull it out since it has its momentum.

If you are trying to winch out a car that does not have gas means that you’ll have to spend more time and effort winching out the car.

Reduce friction and maximize traction around the area

Another way to make your winch faster is by reducing friction around the area where the vehicle is stuck.

Use a shovel to dig out the area and remove any mud, sand, and snow that might have surrounded the tires.

Doing this helps the winch recover the car more easily and quickly.

Building a high-speed winch

You can make a winch faster during manufacture using several techniques.

Typically, the faster the winch, the quicker it will help you recover your car.

So, if you can, purchase always identify the speed of the winch before purchase.

Some of the ways you can build a high-speed winch include:


When buying an engine for a winch, it would be best if you chose a 9.5hp motor.

Such motors work way more effectively than 5hp motors. Besides, you won’t encounter any technical issues with 9.5hp motors.

Although costly than the 5hp motor, the 9.5hp motor offers value for money.

Using 9.5hp motors for your winch will increase its pulling capacity and speed.


When building a winch, it would be best to incorporate a centrifugal clutch.

Although costly, they work perfectly well in making the winch more effective.

You can find a clutch online or from a car manufacturer.

Winch rope or cable

Use a strong winch rope that caters to your needs.

Please don’t purchase a huge winch rope since it may be harsh on your hands.

You may end up getting bruises, blisters, and cuts from the winch rope.

If you prefer using a steel winch cable, buy the right size that caters to your need. It is always good to use a winch rope or cable that surrounds the whole winch drum.

This way, you increase the pulling capacity of the winch and make it work faster.

Safety measures to observe when winching

Although winching is effective for recovering stuck cars, it can be dangerous at times.

Thus, you have to observe certain practices during the winching process.

Wear heavy-duty gloves:

Winching requires you to put on protective gloves that protect your hands from blisters, among other injuries.

Usually, there is a lot of friction between your hands and the winch ripe. So, you have to protect them.

Moreover, wear protective garments since the process can be quite messy, especially if the car is stuck in the mud.

Use the right winching accessories:

Always carry the right winching accessories.

This way, you protect not only yourself but also the environment.

If you are using a tree to winch out a car, it will help if you use a tree trunk protector.

Doing this protects the tree trunk from damage. Additionally, use blankets to wrap the winch cable.

In case the winch cable runs open, the blanket would be the one to absorb the electric current.

Check the condition of the winch rope from time to time:

Due to heavyweight and high pressure, the winch rope is likely to wear out during the winching process.

Constantly check for any frays to avoid breakage.

Anytime you notice signs of tearing in the winch rope, it would be best if you replaced it with a new cable.

Final take:

Today, there are several techniques you can incorporate to make your winch run faster.

You can use a double line or triple line to increase the pulling power of the winch.

In turn, you make the winch work faster. You can also make a winch run faster by building it with the right motor, clutch, and using an effective winch rope.

A faster winch makes the recovery process so much easier.

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