How Can I Protect My Car From The Sun?

Currently, car experts report that the sun contributes to the wearing out of a car. Thus, car owners should protect their vehicles from the sun.

Otherwise, the sun would pose a danger to the exterior and interior surface of the car. Leaving your vehicle in the sun for too long raises the vehicle’s internal temperature to more than 80 degrees Celsius.

So, you can imagine. This temperature can tamper with the paint of the car. Nevertheless, there are many ways to help you protect your vehicle from the sun.

Some of them include:

Ways to help you protect your vehicle from the sun

Use an appropriate car cover

One of the main ways you can protect your car from the sun is by using a suitable car cover. Today, there is a wide variety of car covers.

Purchase a car cover specially designed to prevent penetration of ultraviolet rays onto the car’s surface.

It would be better to purchase a car cover for outdoor use.

Look for parking spots with shades

When parking your car, do your best to find parking with a shade.

Instead of going for the regular parking space, look for basement parking. Also, build a garage that provides shade in your backyard.

The way, you preserve the car’s finish. In turn, your car would look new for an extended period.

Use a windshield sun protector

When you buy a car, one of the main accessories you should purchase is a windshield protector.

A windshield protector keeps your vehicle cool and protects it from the detrimental effects of the sun. Besides, windshield protectors are relatively affordable.

Buy seat covers

Aside from decorating the car, seat covers play a huge role in protecting the vehicle from the sun.

As a result, consider buying seat covers for your car.

Apply a layer of car wax to the car

Using the right car wax for the car prolongs its durability. Apply a coat of wax to protect the car from the sun. Do this regularly.

It goes a long way in preserving the car’s finish. Always ask your manufacturer for the best car wax product to apply.

Of course, the type of car wax you will purchase is often determined by your car’s model. Wax your car after every wash.

But, again, it depends on the type of car you have. Typically, some vehicles do not need regular waxing.

Wash and dry often

Do your best to ensure that you wash your car regularly to protect your vehicle from the sun.

Once you wash your car, you decrease the rate of oxidation and absorption of heat from sunlight. Additionally, washing your vehicle keeps it free from dirt particles, which can cause tiny dents.

But when washing your car, put it under a shade. Washing your car under the sun tampers with the finish of the vehicle. Clean your vehicle professionally at least once a week.

Check tire pressure

Ensure that your car tires have the right pressure when parking them in the sun. Remember, your tires are from a rubber material.

Rubber tends to get deflated by extreme exposure to heat. So, placing tires with low pressure on heated surfaces is a recipe for disaster.

Usually, car manufacturers indicted the recommended pressure that works well with your car tires.

Hand Dry the Exterior

It would be best to ensure that you have dry car surfaces at all times. Letting moisture seat on your car surfaces for too long can corrode the car paint.

Use a dry microfiber or cotton cloth to wipe your car. Also, dry your car from time to time, especially during winter or rainy seasons.

Doing this will also eliminate all dirt particles that could lead to scratching or dents.

Car paint protection products

Applying paint protection products on your car also goes a long way in safeguarding your car from the sun.

Some of these products are specially designed to fight against ultraviolet rays. Consequently, they help you preserve the car’s finish.

You can find such products from car manufacturers or some local stores.

Protecting the interior components of the car from the sun

Cooling system

Every car has a cooling system that keeps the car temperature favorable.

Remember, sunlight can raise the interior temperature of the vehicle to 90 degrees Celsius.

Such temperatures cause a severe breakdown of some car parts. So, ensure that the cooling system is functioning well. Check it regularly and replace the coolant fluids from time to time.

Reading and understanding your manufacturer’s instructions would help you deal with the cooling system.

Check the fluid levels

All the fluids of the car should be at the right levels. Having little fluids in your vehicle does not protect the interior surface of the vehicle.

So, when you park your car directly under the sun, you would overheat the vehicle. In turn, you would tamper with specific components of the car.

Ensure that your brake fluids, motor oil, steering fluid, and transmission fluid are not less than they should be.

Protect the Battery

On hot sunny days, most drivers are likely to turn on the air conditioning systems. Air conditioners strain the battery and reduce its power.

Thus, you should make sure you protect your battery even on hot sunny days. Charge it often and take it to a car expert for evaluation.

Otherwise, you would have to jump-start your car in the middle of nowhere.


Cars are great assets. But they require a lot of maintenance. Otherwise, they would lose their value quickly.

So, it is essential to protect your car from harmful agents like ultraviolet rays from the sun. At times, it can be unavoidable to stop parking your vehicle in the sun.

So, you have to implement the right practices that help protect your car from the sun. When parking your car out in the sun, always use a car cover, wash it, wax it, and use a windshield protector.

In turn, you would lengthen the longevity of your car.

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