How Can I Protect My Car From Being Stolen In 2021?

According to recent studies, vehicle theft cases have risen by more than 50% over the last four years.

The global pandemic also led to a significant increase in the number of car theft cases. Consequently, this is the time for all car owners to invest in protecting their cars.

There are numerous techniques and practices you can incorporate to make your car less attractive to thieves. Below are some of the ways you can protect your car from being stolen.

Ways you can protect your car from being stolen

Avoid leaving your car unattended while it is running

A common mistake that car owners make is leaving their car on while unattended. Even though for a short while, doing this is dangerous.

Yes, we understand that you might have just stepped out a bit to grab a hotdog or refill your tire pressure.

But regardless of the reason, you cannot afford to leave your car keys inserted in the ignition when you are not in the driver’s seat.

Think about it. Anyone can grab your car keys and run off with your car. If you are going to step out of the car even for a few seconds, it would be best to turn off the car, lock all the windows and doors.

From there, you can proceed with whatever you were going to do.

Lock your car at all times

Even though you might want to get some fresh air in your car, it is not advisable to leave your windows open even when driving.

You would rather use your air conditioner in the car. When your car windows are open, thieves can steal something lying on the car’s back seat, especially when you are stuck in traffic.

Moreover, lock all your doors at all times. If you have to leave your car parked somewhere, always countercheck whether you’ve locked the car.

Failure to do will make it easy for thieves to run off with your car. And this also applies to the trunk and sunroof. Never leave them open.

Install an anti-theft system in your vehicle

In this day and age, putting up an anti-theft system in your vehicle is a necessity. So, if your car does not have one, ensure that you install it.

More often than not, thieves get discouraged when they see an anti-theft device in your vehicle. Luckily, there is a broad spectrum of anti-theft devices nowadays.

Some include modern car alarms, kill switches, and steering wheel locks. Although these devices might cost you a lot of money, they keep your car safe at all times.

All you have to do is find a reputable manufacturer to advise you on the best anti-theft devices that cater to all your requirements.

Furthermore, ensure that the anti-theft devices complement the model of your car.

Do not leave valuables in your car

If you know you will leave your car for quite some time, take your personal belongings and valuables with you.

For instance, if you have a laptop, leaving it on top of the car seat will attract thieves. Also, if you have expensive jewelry, this can be attracting the wrong people.

However, at times, you have to leave your valuables in the car. In such cases, put them under the seat or somewhere where thieves cannot easily see them.

Even though the thieves’ motive is to steal your valuables, they may end up going with your car.

Take good care of your car keys

Find a safe place where you can always carry your car keys. Avoid holding them with your hand since you might end up losing them.

Also, when you expose them out in public, you might attract the wrong people. At times, people can leave their car keys on top of the car or under the car.

So, when you are leaving your car parked, ensure that you have your keys with you. Otherwise, you attract thieves.

Put your car keys in your bag pack, pocket, or handbag. Always store them safely.

Avoid keeping your vehicle registration documents in the car

Placing all your vehicle registration details in the car makes it easier to go with your car. Come to think of it.

When thieves steal your car, it would be much easier for them to pass through police roadblocks when they have valid documents.

On the other hand, it is frustrating for you to recover a lost car without your documents. Also, by the time the authorities come to confirm that you are the rightful owner of the car; the thieves would be long gone with your car. And you might never recover your car.

Be cautious of where you park

Always go for safe parking spaces with constant CCTV surveillance. And if you can’t find such parking spots, it would be best to look for open parking spaces.

Avoid leaving your car in dark, isolated areas. Parking your car in such places increases your chances of being carjacked.

Ensure that the area has by-passers and is well lit, especially at night. Besides, you should also beware of your surroundings.

Before you leave your car sited somewhere, always analyze the surrounding environment. See whether the people around the area look suspicious or too good to be true.

If you notice something fishy about the area, look for other parking spots.

What should you do when attacked by a carjacker?

Although you may incorporate the best protective practices for your car, it is still possible to get attacked by carjackers.

Being in such a situation can be traumatizing. But keep in mind that you would rather let the thieves go with your car rather than giving them the option of hurting you.

Your life is more important, so don’t resist violent carjackers. After all, you might end up recovering your car.


With the rising numbers of car theft cases, it is important to protect your car from getting stolen.

You can do this by installing vehicle anti-theft devices, locking your car at all times, parking in safe spots, and keeping your keys in a safe place.

Once you implement all these practices, your car will have extra protection.

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