How Can I Protect My Car At Night In The 21 Century?

Parking your car outside at night can strip off your peace of mind. You never know who is walking outside, and you might not be in a good position to rescue your car in case of anything.

I mean, before you rush down the stairs with your sleeping shoes and pajamas, your car will have already gone.

The thought of this is horrifying and heartbreaking at the same time. Therefore, it is always advisable to implement the best practices to protect your car at night.

So, how can you protect your car at night?

Ways of protecting your car at night

During the night, thieves are more active since there are fewer people in traffic. And if you are not careful, you can lose your car.

Therefore, when you leave your car parked at night, ensure you do the following:

Face the car wheels towards another vehicle

If you don’t have a garage and park your car around the neighborhood, ensure that the wheels face towards a restrained area or another car.

This way, thieves will have a hard time removing the car from the parking area. Additionally, you will be able to catch them before they get away with your car.

Park the car in such a way it will be challenging to reverse. Consider parking the car in a small angled corner that makes it difficult for thieves to steal.

Install the LED robotic security light

This innovation is one of the best anti-theft devices you can use for your car. The lighting system goes on immediately an intruder comes close to your car.

It puts thieves in the spotlight; hence they will try escaping to save themselves. The LED security light should wake you and your neighbors up in the middle of the night to notify you that something is wrong.

Moreover, the light will be able to help you or your neighbors record the whole incidence. So, even if the thief runs away, you’ll still have their face.

Build an indoor garage

If you have extra backyard space, consider building an indoor garage that allows you to park your car inside. Your car is safer in such spaces.

Avoid parking your car outside where everybody can see it. When you construct the indoor garage, ensure you construct an outside lock.

This way, it will be hard for thieves to know whether there is a car inside or not. So, most of them won’t try their luck.

Also, note that having an indoor garage does not mean you stop using vehicle anti-theft devices. Ensure you keep your car protected at all times.

Hide your valuables

Exposing your valuables in the car is a major attraction for thieves. Avoid placing any personal items, including handbags, on top of your car seat.

Otherwise, thieves can break in and run off with the whole car. Anytime you plan to leave your car somewhere for a certain period, carry all your belongings with you.

Also, consider that thieves often stroll around at night. So, if you leave something valuable on your car seat, they would unquestionably break into your car.

Nonetheless, if you often leave your valuables in your car, place them somewhere thieves can’t see them.

This could be under the seats or in the trunk. Alternatively, think of installing a dash cam with parking mode.

The camera will capture the face of the thieves. Subsequently, you can easily restore your belongings.

Get an Anti RFID wallet

Well-experienced and intelligent thieves can access keyless cars by creating a false key fob. One way to stop this is by installing an anti RFID wallet.

This system prevents the thief from accessing the signal, no matter what gadget they use. The best thing about the anti RFID wallet is that it is affordable.

Thus, it is worth the investment. Thieves are constantly coming up with advanced ways to steal cars using programming and key coding.

So, an anti RFID system will come in handy, especially if you have a keyless car. Not only will the system protect your car at night but also during the day.

Invest in security window etching

Security window etching services enable you to recover any car parts or personal belongings stolen from the car.

All you have to do is a security etching on all your car windows incorporating a unique code for your vehicle.

And in the case of theft, the security company will be able to save your car from theft. Also, this security service enables you to track the car in case of theft.

Besides, most security services are relatively affordable.

Install a steering wheel lock

One way to protect your car at night is by installing a steering wheel lock. Steering wheel locks grip the steering tightly and prevent it from moving completely.

Besides, it is challenging to break a steering wheel since it often comprises a solid material.

Moreover, removing a steering wheel lock can be challenging.

So, before the thieves access the steering wheel of the car, the police would be there. As a result, very few thieves will think of stealing a car with a steering wheel lock.

Lock your car at all times

Before going to bed, ensure that all your car windows and doors are completely locked. Always countercheck to be safe.

It is easy to forget to lock your car doors and windows. Ensure that all the windows are completely closed.

Leaving your windows half-closed provides the perfect opportunity for thieves to break in and steal the car in seconds.

Moreover, if you have a sunroof, close it completely. Once you lock your car, take your keys with you to the bedroom.

Avoid leaving your car keys lying around on the living room table or floor. You would rather sleep with them under your pillow.

In summary

All car owners ought to protect their car from theft, especially at night. Over the past recent years, cases of vehicle theft have been on the rise.

Thus, it is always good to be cautious. Protect your car at night by installing LED security systems, steering wheel locks, among others. Also, don’t forget to park it in a safe space!

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