Can A Car With A Steering Lock Installed Be Stolen?

Currently, the steering wheel lock is one of the most popular anti-theft vehicle devices. As the name suggests, steering wheel locks make the car immobile by hindering any steering movements.

As a result, thieves cannot steal your car that easily when you install this functional feature. Currently, there are different steering wheel lock designs you can incorporate.

Most of them are brightly-colored to discourage thieves from stealing your car. But can a car get stolen with a steering lock?

Is there statistical evidence that cars with steering locks cannot get stolen?

Well, as of now, there is no solid proof that vehicles with steering locks can never get stolen. But generally, cars with steering wheel locks are less likely to get stolen.

Also, we should not ignore the fact that thieves are always learning about the latest technology trends.

So, they might be able to find a way of driving cars with steering wheel locks in the future. However, as of now, steering wheel locks are pretty much effective.

First, a steering wheel lock will put off potential thieves from stealing your car. As mentioned earlier, these devices have bright colors.

Therefore, thieves can always spot them from afar. When thieves spot a steering wheel lock, they naturally assume that the car is heavily protected.

Therefore, they won’t even bother breaking into your car to steal valuables.

Second, steering wheel locks prevent any movement of the steering. You cannot drive the car unless you unlock the steering lock.

And only the owner can do this. Besides, before a thief manages to unlock a steering lock, they would get caught.

Ultimately, steering wheel locks are effective.

Advantages of installing a steering wheel lock

Provides zero access to drive the car

Steering wheel locks act as a physical barrier that prevents the car from moving.

In turn, this device safeguards your vehicle from any harm or theft.

If you know you will leave your car in one spot for a long period, it would be best to install a steering lock.

Reduces costs

One of the best things about steering wheel locks is that they are affordable.

They offer value for money since they save you from the disastrous experience of losing your car.

Steering wheel locks end up saving you a great deal of money in the long run.

Stops the car from turning

At times, thieves can find a solution to unlock the steering lock. Fortunately, they won’t be able to go very far. This is because cars with steering locks cannot make a simple turn.

So, the thieves would get stuck, and you will recover your car within no time.

Keeps thieves away

Aside from preventing your car from moving, steering wheel locks put off the wrong people.

Even if the car were a major target for thieves, they would suddenly leave it alone once they notice it has a steering wheel lock.

Consequently, this saves you thousands of dollars and devastations.

Reduces worry

As a car owner, it is normal to get paranoid every time you leave your car parked. It could be that you are afraid that your car will get stolen or some parts of the car might go missing.

If you are such a person, it will help to use a steering wheel lock. Doing this keeps your mind at ease, and you become more productive throughout the whole day.

The different types of steering wheel locks

At present, there are different types of steering wheel locks that offer different functionality. Below are some:

Conventional steering wheel locks

The traditional steering wheel locks have been inexistent in the market for a long time. And they are still a popular option among most car owners.

When installed correctly, they prevent the steering wheel from turning. Thus, they are a good anti-theft device.

Enclosed steering wheel locks

One type of steering wheel lock is the enclosed lock. This steering lock provides maximum protection for your car because it uses a strong steel shell to cover your steering.

So, even if thieves are trying to break the lock, they won’t manage. Also, an enclosed lock won’t allow the car to make simple turns.

Wheel-to-pedal lock steering wheel locks

The wheel to pedal lock steering wheels makes it difficult for thieves to use two key control points. Nonetheless, this type of steering lock is not user-friendly as most people think.

It is the largest steering lock; thus, you would have to devise ways to make sure it is tightly attached to the steering wheels.

Can a car with a cheap steering lock get stolen?

Low-priced steering wheel locks: remember, different steering wheel locks offer different functionality.

Therefore, you have to look for a steering wheel lock that caters to your requirements and budget. Some steering wheel locks cost as low as $30.

But such steering locks may not be very effective and can allow thieves to break it or drive your car while it’s on. Nevertheless, it depends on the brand.

Some offer excellent functionality and are low-priced.

Medium-priced steering wheels: In this range, you find the traditional steering locks. Such steering locks are pretty much effective and durable.

On average, their price ranges from $40 to $100. Most of them offer value for money.

High-end steering wheel locks: On the flip side, expensive steering wheels offer excellent functionality.

These steering wheels are popularly known to incorporate high-quality material that offers maximum durability.

Such steering wheel locks often go for more than $100. Although expensive, they are worth the purchase.

Keep in mind that your car’s safety comes first. The majority of thieves won’t be able to drive a car with a high-end steering wheel lock.

The answer: Can a vehicle with a steering lock get stolen?

More often than not, it is hard to steal a car with a steering wheel lock. Steering wheel locks are anti-theft devices that make the car immobile anytime someone tries to steal.

Well, there is no actual evidence that cars with steering locks can never get stolen. However, there is solid proof that cars with steering wheel locks are less likely to be stolen.

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