Are Portable Jump Starters Worth It?

A while back, having a pair of jumper cables in your car was standard. However, currently, more drivers are leaning towards the jump starters set.

The jump starters jump-start your car’s dead battery, unlike the jumper cables, though without reliance on a second car.

However, the primary question is; are they worth it, or should you stick to the jumper cables. The simple answer is yes, and this article elaborates on the reasons why.

Features of a portable jump starter that make it convenient


When you think of a portable jump starter, size is the first thing that comes to mind. Portable jump starts are quickly replacing the traditional heavy jumper packs.

The latter though efficient and probably the best jump starters in the market, for some buyers’ size is a deal-breaker.

However, manufacturers continue improving the designs, with modern versions get lighter and easy to carry and store in your car.

Despite the improvements, portable jump starters are still preferred due to their convenient size and lesser weight.

These units are hand-held and come with storage bags that you can place under the car seat, glove box, or center console.


Capacity refers to the number of times you can jump-start your vehicle before recharging the jump starter.

For instance, 6000mAh is adequate for several jump-starts. Most reliable manufacturers build high capacity for their jump starters to enable several starts; hence, you need not worry about this with most jump starters.

Good quality and design

In the auto market, there are numerous good quality and design jump starters. It is worth noting that price does not necessarily mean quality.

A costly jump starter can come with low-quality clamps that have poor conduction or aren’t durable.

When purchasing a portable jump starter, check for the little details on the unit’s components, as well as the model’s design and material.

Cold weather capability

The traditional jump box often loses half of its performance due to cold weather, unlike the portable jump starters, which have a better performance, though they also lose some power in cold climates.

The best thing about jump starter packs is that you can always get one that suits the weather in your area. If you live in cold areas, choose a jump starter that can withstand cold weather, such as one with high CCA, but this shouldn’t be a concern if you live in warm areas.


The standard warranty for portable jump starters is one year, and be careful of manufacturers who offer less.

In addition, ensure your unit is from a reputable manufacturer in the industry. Moreover, they should have their contact information provided in case of any issue.

Extra Accessories

Some of the standard accessories found in the portable jump starters include;

Air Compressor

Some of the jump-starters come with air compressors that may be useful when the Tire-pressure Monitoring System light turns on, and you are miles from a nearby gas station or prefer saving the cost of the air machine.

USB charging 

The USB charging feature is quite popular with portable jump starters. You can always consult your shopping store to ascertain the existence of this feature or check the product’s review to have an in-depth knowledge of its functionality.

Several power outlets

This is a common feature for both the traditional jump boxes and portable jump starters. Portable jump starters come with unique ports, such as a 12V for fixtures such as lanterns, fans, and heated blankets and a 19V for charging electronic devices such as your laptop.

Versatility comes into play here with the roles exhibited by the lithium-ion jumpers.

Benefits of having a portable jump starter in your car

  • It does not necessitate another vehicle to jump-start your vehicle.
  • It gives you peace of mind whenever you are on the road.
  • The majority of the models come with USB plugs that you can use to charge your electronic devices.
  • User-friendly; all you need is to clip on the battery and wait for a while before starting your engine.
  • Easy to maintain and store.
  • Most of the designs are compact to fit any car.
  • Many models come with extra features for safety, such as beacons, LCD screens, and flashlights.
  • You can share among multiple users without the probability of damaging your car’s electronic components.

Drawbacks of a portable jump starter 

Jump starters may lose their charge after some time

This means that you regularly need to check the charge after every three months. It couldn’t get any worse if you get stuck on the road cause of a dead battery and an equally dead jump starter.

Jump starters aren’t always equal

With many of these products in the market, some are good quality while others are poor quality. It may give you peace of mind knowing that you have one with you, though it may not provide the service intended when the need arises.

Troubles with the poor quality jump starters include failing components, inadequate power to start your engine, and energy loss during storage. As a purchaser, be careful of what kind of jumper pack you purchase to save yourself unnecessary disappointments.

Using a jump start requires a bit of knowledge

Yes, they may appear pretty simple to use, but jumper packs with identical colors for the negative and positive terminals may confuse you.

The results may be unpleasant if there is an improper connection. You should refer to the user’s manual for direction and conduct a test when it is still new.

Different cars may not use similar jumper packs

Different vehicle starters require varying power to start your engines; Ford F350 requires more power than the Honda Civic.

Even though you may want to buy a portable, compact jump starter to fit in the glove box, ensure that it is up for the task you purchased it.

The Last Word

In conclusion, it is worth having a jumper pack in your car, owing to the numerous benefits and features accompanying the product.

Nonetheless, using a jump starter requires regular testing and inspection of your battery in case of an electrical or battery issue that a jump starter can’t solve.

If you insist on retaining the jumper cables, it is still fine, but you can have an additional portable jump starter; as the saying goes, two is better than one.

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